self-care ritual

for self-love + self-empowerment

For your precious and powerful lady parts...

We started this lady business to instill a sense of power, well-being, and awareness when it comes to our lady parts. The more we know and understand, the more connected and confident we feel. We’re building a community of intimate wellness that promotes loving yourself as you are, not a false standard of perfection.

Our ritual is inspired by many wellness practices, including Ayurvedic oiling technique, acupressure, massage, lymphatic drainage, chakra balancing, and self-love. Ritual benefits may include increased hydration and circulation, as well as raised energy levels, heightened awareness, and a stronger sense of self-love.

botanical oil ritual for sacred vitality

Begin with a comfortable environment. Light a candle or play soothing music. You can perform this relaxing technique standing or laying down, and it’s ideal before bed. Mirror is optional.

the steps

STEP 1: Remove the lid of the Botanical Oil. Take three deep breaths, releasing any stale energy with exhalation. Apply two dropper fulls onto your hands and fingertips.

STEP 2: Gently massage the oil onto the vulvar skin in circular motions, beginning with the outer labia and working down to the inner labia.

STEP 3: Take another deep breath. With a healing intention, visualize a ball of white light flowing throughout your entire body. This can help bring a sense of renewed vitality. Let the ball of light emanate from your body to your space, surrounding you with warmth and healing energy.

STEP 4: Focus on the breath; take three more deep inhales and exhales as you relax into a heightened state of love and self-awareness.

STEP 5: Finish by reciting positive affirmations quietly or aloud.

a few examples

I love and accept myself in every way.

I am perfectly imperfect.

I will listen to and stay in tune with my lady part’s
powerful pulse.

I am ready to receive bliss in every way in my life.

My lady parts are a magnificent gift.

I am blessed to be a woman.