Beauty Independent - January 2018

In the beauty business, premium body care has largely skipped lady bits. Lady Suite is rectifying that oversight.

The new brand from Therese Clark, a partner in Crème Collective and co-founder of Glowbiotics, addresses vulvar skin with upscale formulations free from parabens, phthalates, silicones, artificial colorants and synthetic fragrances. It’s debuting at Free People with Lady Business Botanical Oil, a $46 mix of organic jojoba seed, meadow foam, carrot seed and tamanu oils, and eclipta prostrata extract to calm discomfort.... (read more)


Free People Blog - January 2018

Leave it to a femme-powered brand to take one more step toward lifting the taboo on personal care — and this time, you can file the results with your favorite clean beauty essentials. “Like so many of us, I loved facial oils to help retain a healthy glow — I thought, why can’t I use these on intimate skin?” shares Therese Clark as we discuss the “ah hah moment” that set Lady Suite into motion, her Cali-based brand that just debuted Lady Business, a chicly packaged combination of natural and certified organic botanical oils designed to beautify your most overlooked complexion... (read more)


Coveteur - February 2018

There is a mini-boom of cool-looking vaginal care and cleansing products that are as #shelfieworthy as Korean skin care and as chic as a jar of La Mer. (Finally!) Before you start thinking about how douches are bad for you (we were on the same memo), note that these new products work differently. None are intended to go up in there, and we’ve shopped through to find a selection of carefully formulated cleansing wipes, moisturizers, and ingrown hair preventers that meet the criteria of one of our favorite gynecologists, Dr. Maria Sophocles, medical director of Women’s Healthcare of Princeton in New Jersey. “In general, I recommend the same rules of thumb as you would use elsewhere: avoid dyes, perfumes, irritants, and try a small amount first to be sure [there’s] no skin reaction,” she says, also reminding us that “douching is never a good thing, as it disturbs natural bacterial balance and pH.”.... (read more)


Refinery 29 - March 2018

Whatever you do (or don't do) with your pubic area is between you and your maker. But in the spirit of over-sharing, I briefly tried laser hair removal years ago and couldn't believe the results from just a few sessions. No more razor burn! No more ingrowns! No more hurried trims in the work bathroom because my date tomorrow cancelled but is actually free tonight, and things have been going really well, and I'd like to take this to the next level, do ya know what I mean? ....(read more)


Apres Avant - May 2018

Let’s get down to business. Intimate care is one of the most, if not the most, overlooked areas on our bodies when we think about skincare and wellness. But Lady Suite is looking to change that. Founded by Therese Clark, an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience as a beauty brand and product developer, and pioneer of probiotics in medical skincare, Lady Suite’s offerings are tailor-made for our lady parts. Starting with the Lady Business Botanical Oil....(read more)


C Magazine - June 2018

"Why should faces get all the love?" ask Therese Clark, creator of the newly launched Lady Suite, a line of skin care for intimate parts. Clark thinks nether regions in a "healthy way" she says. Her Lady Business Oil is designed to moisturize the vaginal area, while "keeping our legs crossed" to parabens, mineral oil, phthalates and synthetic fragrance/ After all, shaving, waxing and laser take their toll, causing irritation and ingrown hairs. Top it off with normal skin aging and hormonal changes, and it's clear: This is a product whose time has arrived. 


Essence - July/August 2018

Glow Below - There's a new beauty brand on the block that is on a mission to provide "calming, revitalizing and illuminating skin care" for your va-jay-jay. That's right, your vagina. Lady Suite has concocted a luxe topical formulation boasting organic ingredients such as jojoba seed oil, carrot seed oil, and tamanu oil that will leave your bikini area moisturized, toned and radiant. Talk about self-care. 


Cosmopolitan - July/August 2018



Glossy - October 2018

“The entire vaginal-care category has become wildly popular,” said Annie Jackson, Credo co-founder and COO. Credo carries brands including Fur, Province Apothecary, Lady Suite and Bawdy, all of which are devoted in some way to the nether regions

Lady Suite, which launched in 2018, introduced an oil for the vulva, meant to soothe irritation and ingrown hairs as a result of post-shaving, waxing or hair removal. The brand presents a positive and almost Glossier-like approach. It’s Instagram feed, for example, is full of lifestyle shots like champagne coupe glasses and various fruits and flowers that inoffensively resemble the female anatomy. (read more)


Elle - October 2018

Is your vagina supposed to have its very own multi-step skincare routine? If the recent rise in intimate beauty brands like The Perfect V, Queen V, Deo Doc, VMagic, Lady Suite, and Two L(i)ps have any say, the answer is a resounding yes. 

There are exfoliators, cleansers, special bar soaps, wipes, sprays, "LIP" BALM (!), a vulva highlighter that has "luminious iridescent color to add some extra prettiness." Heck, two L(i)ps recently had the internet raising eyebrows over its vagina sheet mask—a $25 "infrared-activated charcoal mask" to "detox and soothe your vulva."!

Problematic suggestions that your vagina needs to be prettified aside (for the record: it doesn't), the new wave of women's intimate skincare is cheeky and ever Instagrammable—but is it safe? (read more)