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If you’ve ever shaved, plucked, waxed, or zapped the pubic hair off your bikini line, then chances are you’re all too familiar with ingrown hair (AKA razor bumps). It’s common to think ingrown hairs grow on vaginas, but they actually grow where hair meets skin on the vulva ( the delicate skin on the outside of the vagina) and they can be frustrating + irritating just like razor burn.

 Even though ingrown pubic hair is one of the most common intimate skin struggles for women, men, and non-binary people today, many are unaware of the simple ways to help stop ingrown pubic hair bumps in their tracks. To learn how to avoid ingrown hairs in the pubic area, it’s first essential to understand what they are and why they happen.

ingrown hair facts


Simply put, ingrown hair bumps are uncooperative hair that grows back into the skin instead of up and out of the skin’s surface. UGH! 😡 Thanks a lot! Ingrown hairs often occur when the hair down there has been ladyscaped (AKA shaved, waxed, sugared, or plucked). Ingrown hairs often look like red + irritated bumps, and if infected, can form into pus-filled bumps (pustules). Yikes!


Because pubic hair is often more coarse and curly than the hair on any other part of the body, it’s common for ingrown pubic hair bumps to pop-up after hair removal. Ingrown hairs on the vulva (often mistakenly called ingrown hair on the vagina) can also be caused by over-shaving. 

When a hair begins to grow inward rather than outward, it triggers an immune response telling your body to react to the ingrown pubic hair as if it were a foreign invader. This may lead to itching, redness, pain, or swelling. Ingrown hair in the pubic area/bikini line can also be caused or made worse by chafing from working out, any type of rubbing skin-on-skin or cloth-on-skin, and/or friction during sex.

what can i do to PREVENT INGROWN HAIR?

The simplest way to prevent ingrown hairs is to not shave, wax, or remove hair. However, for many of us, giving up pubic hair removal in the foreseeable future is non-negotiable. In most cases, the ingrown hair will disappear on its own, but why deal with them at all if you don’t have to? If you follow these ingrown hair remedies, you’ll have the best bikini ingrown hair treatment secrets for the smoothest, most comfy bikini line EVER!

3 tips for banishing ingrown hair-prone
bikini lines..for good!


Exfoliating dead skin cells can help the hair return to the skin’s surface. However, we don’t recommend harsh physical scrubs or exfoliants filled with ingredients that don’t belong anywhere near your lady garden since they can disrupt your delicate vulva and vaginal pH balance and leave you with irritated, itchy, or dry vulva skin.

 Instead, at Lady Suite, we opt for naturally-derived botanicals and fruit extracts for a happy lady garden that blooms bright without worrying about waking up to an out-of-control ingrown hair pubic area.


Moisturizing intimate skin on the daily (not just when you shave) is a great practice to help hair more easily find its way to the surface and prevent the buildup of dead skin on top of a hair follicle, which can trap the hair inside the skin. Our Rejuvenating Botanical Oil is an effective essential fatty acids-rich serum specially formulated to keep pubic skin and hair moisturized every day to better prevent ingrown hair bumps and help calm skin-flammation. For a complete cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating bikini area skincare system, try Lady Suite’s Down-there Care Kit: 3-Step routine for intimate skin.


If you shave your pubic hair, it’s super important to remember that after cleansing, exfoliating, and applying high-quality shaving cream or lightweight shaving oil, you should also shave in short strokes in the direction of your pubic hair growth, not against it. Try to avoid over-shaving the same area, and be sure to soothe and moisturize the skin afterward by using our Rejuvenating Botanical Oil!

Our Probiotic Feminine Wash is formulated with cosmetic grade rose quartz powder, which acts as a super gentle daily exfoliator without scrubbing or scratching. For best results, follow up with our Glow Refiner treatment spray- an action-packed ingrown hair fighting treatment spray made with gentle exfoliating acids from nature (like willow bark and lactic acid) to help remove dead surface skin cells, brighten and clarify skin. Cuz it’s time to say NO to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, ingrown hair bumps, blemishes, and skin roughness. Byyyee!

3 tips for treating INGROWN HAIR


Applying a warm compress with a washcloth helps soften and soothe the aggravated area (not to mention it feels freaking fantastic). Repeat this a few times daily until any swelling goes down.


See a hair removal expert! We work with some of the most incredible sugaring and waxing salons and boutiques around that put lots of love and care into every hair removal session. We know first hand that the right esthetician who “gets” vulvas is the best way to achieve an ingrown-free pubic hair zone. Whether it’s waxing or sugaring, it’s essential to seek out hands-on help to find the best ingrown pubic area treatment or technique for you!


 You could also shun shaving altogether and opt for a more permanent hair removal method, especially if you’re prone to chronic ingrown hair in the pubic zone. For instance, laser hair removal uses pulses of highly concentrated light emitted from the laser into the hair follicles, eventually destroying the follicle. The setbacks? It’s not exactly cheap, requires a series of treatments, and it’s permanent!

PS- When it comes to grooming your choice is the best choice. It doesn’t matter what method you select as long as you walk away feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin.

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a few more tips

Just remember that a little ingrown hair can turn into a bigger problem, especially if it becomes infected. If you do have ingrown hair bumps, think of it like a pimple – the same rules apply. No picking, squeezing, or digging under the skin. Most ingrown hairs will run their course and go away on their own, but if the infected area has become very painful or the swelling just isn’t going down, definitely book an appointment with your gyno or health expert.

 At the end of the day, we’re all human, and we all get ingrown hairs down there, so don’t sweat it! Ingrown pubic hairs are nothing to be embarrassed or shy about, AND with the right ingrown hair tips, tricks, and products from Lady Suite, you’ll be one step closer to ridding your intimate skin from pesky ingrown hairs for good!

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