Yep, vulva dryness  is actually a thing...

And it’s not just your Grandma that experiences it. Skin dryness down south can happen much earlier, especially if you’re ladyscaping – shaving, waxing, sugaring, or laser hair removal. Removing the protective pubic hair layer means less oil and moisture in the skin’s surface layer, which can be worsened by the wrong feminine care products, lifestyle choices, hormonal changes, disease, and normal aging.

does vulva dryness even matter?

If we were talking about the skin on our faces, this wouldn’t even be a question. But because not all of us are familiar with our vulvas, let alone the skin on our vulvas, it’s understandable why we don’t pay attention to dryness down there.

The skin on our vulva is more sensitive and reactive than other areas of the body. When intimate skin become dry, it’s even more sensitive and makes things like skin roughness, ingrown hair, razor burn, irritation, itchiness, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation even worse. Plus, vulva dryness makes waxing and shaving more painful and sensitizing.

But most importantly, the vulva has the ever-important job of protecting our vagina. We like to refer to the vulva as “the bouncer to our lady club”. Cheesy, I know but it’s true. When vulva skin is dry, it’s less resilient, elastic, and protective. Dryness is also a sign of pH problems, increasing the potential for unwanted bacteria.

Just like the skin on our faces, intimate skin can benefit from a daily moisture ritual to help skin look and feel healthy and rejuvenated. We created our Rejuvenating Botanical Oil as a safe, effective vulva moisturizer rich in Omega Fatty Acids to maintain skin’s resilience and protective properties so skin (and hair) stays supple, happy and hydrated through all stages of womanhood.

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