about us

lady suite modern femcare

Lady Suite is an independent feminine wellness brand focused on clean, effective skin care designed for a woman’s most sensitive, intimate skin to combat common struggles like ingrown hairs, razor burn, redness, skin dryness, skin thinning, pH problems, and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Our mission is to redefine self-care and undo tired taboos through smarter education, ‘real’ conversation, and clean, effective care.

We keep our legs crossed to parabens, phthalates, GMOs, petroleum, silicones, sulfates, carcinogens, soy, artificial colorants and fragrances. Our products are dermatologist-tested gluten-free, vegan, and tested on ladies, not animals.

vulva care is self-care

In everything we do, Lady Suite embodies self-love and  the full spectrum of health and wellness, and a Lady Suite is about progress, not perfection.

Because our lady parts are tucked away, a taboo subject, or even difficult to talk about—love for them often takes a back seat to the rest of our bodies. We want  lady parts at the forefront of health and wellness!

our founder therese clark

"I created Lady Suite out of my own health struggles caused by hypothyroidism in my 20s that also affected my vulva health. My skin was erratic and dry from face to toe, and everywhere in between, including my skin below the belt. The dryness made  ingrowns, redness and vulva sensitivities almost unbearable. Then, after a laser hair removal session (which hurt like h*ll btw) I wasn't given anything lady parts-worthy to soothe and nourish this delicate area. As a seasoned beauty product developer for over 20 years, I decided to create my own...."

skin care turned self-care

"What started as a skin care journey quickly turned into a self-care journey. Not only were there limited solutions for vulva skin health, I was surprised by the lack of smart, supportive lady parts education and conversation out there. This "out of sight, out of mind" attitude toward lady parts just adds to the vaginal taboo at home, in society, and in the personal care industry leaving young girls and women confused, uninformed and in fear.

Basically, women (and even some health experts) just don’t know enough about their lady parts and that is unacceptable!

Through Lady Suite, I’m on a mission to empower women to take care of essential lady business, practice daily intimate health, and replace self-consciousness with self-confidence. 

Thank you for believing in Lady Suite, your lady parts will thank you too." :) 

XO, Therese Clark

our expertise

Along with our founder Therese, who brings 20 years of skin care product development experience to Lady Suite, we work with progressive biochemists and women's health experts through our entire formulation and testing processes.

We only formulate with ingredients from trustworthy and sustainable sources validated by our lab - a pioneer of clean, natural technologies that is also NSF, EcoCert and certified USDA Organic.