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We're breaking the stigma surrounding intimate care with plant-based, pro-microbiome solutions that promote your daily comfort + sexual confidence. In the past, people suffered in silence over issues like vulva skin dryness and frequent yeast infections. It's time to undo the taboo. We believe you deserve natural, effective, and gentle formulas for all your most intimate needs. And we're not afraid to talk about it.

nice to meet you

We’re Therese and Cassandra, co-founders of Lady Suite. Our dream is to live in a world where sexual wellness and intimate health are synonymous with health. The stars aligned when Therese’s 20+ years of developing and pioneering next-level clean skincare combined with Cassandra’s 12+ years of creative innovation and ability to inspire and connect communities through women's empowerment and giving back.

Together, we’re on a mission to change the conversation and give voice to vulva skin health through smart education and plant-based, doctor approved care.

you’re not alone

Struggling with rough, dry, tender, or overly sensitive intimate skin? Yeah, we know the feeling. Dealing with uncomfortable ingrown hairs or troublesome dark spots? Been there, done that! Painful sex? Uh-huh, many times. We want you to know that you’re not alone in your down-there care woes. 

Our co-founders, Therese and Cassandra, have each had their own struggles with intimate wellness. Therese suffered from chronically irritated intimate skin compounded by hypothyroidism, which impacted her health and self-esteem. After experiencing heightened stress levels, Cassandra dealt with hormonal imbalances that affected her mental and physical health.

So, we know firsthand that intimate health is essential and significantly impacts our overall well-being. We all deserve better.

"Skin disorders that affect the vulva can have a huge impact on a person's confidence and ability to enjoy sex and intimacy due to the stigma and embarrassment. These conditions can influence mental status and put a person at risk for depression, anxiety, and negative self-image."

-Adam Friedman, MD, professor, and chair of the Department of Dermatology at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, excerpt from Allure Magazine

empowering your microbiome

From grooming and hormonal changes to sex and sweaty workouts, life can take its toll on sensitive intimate skin. 

Our science-backed formulas help empower your skin’s microbiome and support a healthy pH balance to rebuild and replenish your skin’s integrity. In collaboration with leading health experts, physicians, and biochemists, we’ve gone beyond the typical standards for quality, safety, and efficacy to bring you soothing care that supports intimate skin from periods to menopause. 

Plus, we keep our legs crossed to all things harsh—including parabens, phthalates, and artificial fragrances—because only the best will do for your bits below the belt.

your voice matters

When it comes to an intimate skin routine, we believe less is more, but every body is different. Since the inception of Lady Suite, we've democratized our product line based on your needs. So if you're struggling, let us know.  

Intimate skin health is important to us, so we're always looking for ways to innovate. Although we do not provide medical advice, we can pass along information from our educators and experts. Don't hesitate to reach out.

Email help@ladysuite.com or DM us @ladysuite_beauty.

good for you + the planet

As a small and self-funded company, we’re focused on service, quality and, performance while doing all we can to be people, animal, and plant-friendly. We use recyclable paper, glass, PCR plastic, and upcycle whenever possible. We also work with retailers and suppliers that prioritize sustainable practices and ingredient transparency.

diversity + inclusion

We’re a team of women who support women. Our company is enhanced by the company we keep.

As a minority and women-led company, we prioritize women, diversity and inclusion! We vow to help fight biased and racist systems through transparency and accountability. We are prioritizing Black lives, with a focus on women and girls, through monthly donations to Loveland Foundation and Worthy of Love.