Lady Suite is a lady-owned independent beauty and wellness brand for the modern, conscious woman. We're creating a "suite" of elevated intimate skin care products, beginning with our rejuvenating Lady Business Botanical Oil.

In everything we do, Lady Suite embodies self-love, the full spectrum of health and wellness, and a celebration of our very beautiful (and sometimes) temperamental lady parts. Lady Suite is about progress, not perfection.

Because our lady parts are tucked away, a taboo subject, or even difficult to talk about—love for them often takes a back seat to the rest of our bodies. We want to undo the taboo with more care, conversation, empathy and understanding.


With the help of some of the most knowledgeable physicians, formulators, aromatherapists, aestheticians, and skin scientists who specialize in women's health, we’ve researched and developed products that are uniquely designed for the properties of intimate skin. We take your lady business seriously and use lady-loving ingredients like specific organic and natural botanicals high in essential fatty acid content that moisturize, retexturize and better support your intimate skin’s sensitive state for a healthy glow below.

Our products are made without parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, or known endocrine disruptors. We limit essential oil use due to their sensitizing nature for this delicate area, and we always use natural or certified organic ingredients from trustworthy sources validated by our lab - a pioneer of clean, natural technologies that is also NSF, EcoCert and certified USDA Organic.

And of course, we only test our products on human lady parts, never on animals.



With 20+ years experience as a beauty brand and product developer, and pioneer of probiotics in medical skin care, Therese recognized a gap in premium feminine skin care when she sought out natural, efficacious products to nourish her skin before and after her bikini laser treatments. With the laser treatments came more visibility and sensitivity. On top of this, a chronic thyroid condition resulted in dryer intimate skin overtime. She knew her precious lady parts needed (and deserved) some undivided attention.

Short of using facial products "down there" (which aren’t ideal or formulated for intimate skin) there wasn't a perfect solution. Therese was inspired. Utilizing her knowledge of beauty, women's health and skin care, she worked with some of the industry’s leading minds to develop innovative, purposeful and luxurious intimate skin care products for herself, and ladies like her.

Her mission is to empower women to take care of their lady business, replace self-consciousness with self-confidence—and undo the taboo of vaginal care.


Michelle Calabrese’s role goes well beyond medical aesthetician. She is also a healer and intuitive who shares a profound love for women's wellness.

Michelle combines the latest and most effective technologies and practices to provide a holistic, medical approach to skin care. Working with top dermatologists as a Master Medical Aesthetician of Transformational Aesthetics, women all over the world trust Michelle with their complexions and precious lady parts for a totally unique, uplifting and beautifying experience.

Her vast skin care knowledge and intuitive, integrative approach further enhances the techniques and rituals surrounding the Lady Suite products. Our signature Glow Below Intimate Skin Treatment is available exclusively at Michelle’s New York City practice.

If you're in the New York City area and would like to learn more or book our signature treatment, please email us at