Goodbye to Dry

Intimate skin can become dry, tender, and sensitive due to hormonal imbalances from periods to pregnancy to perimenopause or menopause.  Lady Suite is here to quench and calm dry intimate skin with supportive, soothing, plant-based formulas.

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Down-There Care Kit: 3-step system for the Glow Below®


This 3-step intimate care routine stops odor-causing bacteria, ingrowns, dark spots, dryness, and irritation in their tracks. It’s powerful enough to clear...

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Botanical Oil Duo: for Intimate Skin and Everywhere


Get two full-size bottles of our Botanical Oil at an exclusive price and stay stocked up on this best-seller. Our botanical oil...

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Lady Garden Love: daily essentials


Get ready to banish bad bacteria and dryness! Our daily essentials are here to soothe and comfort your intimate skin. Start or...

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Rejuvenating Botanical Oil with Omega Fatty Acids


This ultra soothing Omega-rich blend seals in hydration to help prevent skin dryness and irritation from shaving, working out, and hormonal changes...