Vulva-approved undies

Vulva-approved undies

Pondering what your underwear is made out of and what defines a “perfect fit” may not be in your stream of consciousness as of late, or ever. 

Underwear discomfort is real y'all. Due to generic sizing, it seems as though most underwear brands have expectations that all women fit in the limited sizes of Small, Medium, Large... yea right. We have specific bra sizes, why not underwear? 

We believe this is an important conversation to have because your underwear can make a difference to your comfort, vaginal health, and even affect your mood

We’re gonna dive into this conversation PLUS provide a list of the vulva-approved best underwear for women’s health, straight from the Lady Suite IG community; because underwear-wearing women obviously know best.

vulva comfort matters

Wearing the wrong underwear can affect your entire day and even cause your vulvovaginal area harm. We have mad respect for the vulva’s resilient skin, but it can also be quite sensitive, so it’s important to know what works for your body! The best underwear for women’s health are the skivvies that make us look good, feel good and allow our lady parts to breathe.

Your body deserves to be treated kindly and clothed in comfort! Here are some tips for making sure you’re wearing the right fit and where to draw the line and say NO to your skivvies: 

You don't deserve bulging: Think about your waistline, thighs, and booty. If your skin is bulging, your undies are too tight. Your body should never feel restricted. If bulging is happening - choose a different style or size up.

Wedgies aren’t your friend: Fabric riding up your booty and/or vulva? That shit ain’t fun and both are reasons to throw those undies out. 

Choose your thongs wisely: Thongs are great - but if they’re too snug they can cause some serious chafing and irritate your delicate skin. If you’re noticing your thong, it’s probably too small. Thongs should not be uncomfortable!

Baggy panties aren't cute: wearing underwear that's too big isn’t fun. Extra fabric can bunch up, giving you a wedgie or show through your clothes. Get rid of ‘em! 

Rule of thumb: if you can notice your underwear throughout the day, it’s probably not the right fit or style for you. 


wear fabric that feels good to you


Have you thought about what your underwear is made out of? A lot of clothing like, over 60% is made out of synthetic fibers, AKA plastic. So yes, you’re essentially resting your vulva on plastic all day. 

Learning this might have you checkin’ those tags more often - but it may not be a reason to throw all your plastic undies out. Unless you have skin sensitivities to synthetic fabric, you’re in the clear. 

According to an interview by Self Magazine and Alexander Chiang, M.D., assistant clinical professor in the department of obstetrics and gynecology at UCLA, there isn’t much concern for synthetic underwear unless you have a preexisting sensitivity to that kind of material. "Some people can get skin sensitivity (dermatitis) in general to synthetic materials," Chiang says. "But if they aren't sensitive, I see no reason not to wear it all the time."

PS: here is a list of common synthetic materials a lot of your clothes might be made out of:  polyester, acrylic, rayon, spandex, nylon.


the best for your vulva: natural fabrics, specifically cotton


“The vulva is a very sensitive and delicate area, similar to the lips on your face. You want to treat [it] gently,” says Dr. Alyse Kelly-Jones, board-certified OB-GYN in an interview with Healthline. The most gentle, natural and affordable fabric? Cotton! 

Plus, cotton is breathable and absorbent which can help you avoid yeast infections. On the contrary - synthetic materials such as spandex and nylon are not breathable and can trap in moisture - and yeast loves anything that's warm and wet. So make sure to change out of your underwear + gym clothes after working out and avoid chillin’ in your wet bathing suit for too long.

Tip: because some cotton undies might be more expensive than synthetic - you can always search for underwear that has a cotton liner. 


the best underwear for women's health - recap:

Your undies have the power to affect things as small as your vulva and as big as your mood, which makes choosing the right pair a pretty important decision. For starters, they should never make you feel restricted or have so much extra fabric that it rides up into your coochie. Natural, breathable fabrics like cotton are a great choice for sensitive skin, and their absorbency can help avoid yeast infections and moisture from getting trapped. Over 60% of clothing is made from synthetic fabrics, which can cause irritation and aggravate your lady garden with trapped moisture and the synthetic fabric material.

crowdsourced fav’s! 

the best undies y'all recommended for your lady bits to rest on throughout the day.


If you don’t see your fav, leave a comment and let us know what our booty is missing out on, below! 
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