Vagina-Care Products so pretty, you won't mind having them on display

Vagina-Care Products so pretty, you won't mind having them on display

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They’re safe and effective, too.

There is a mini-boom of cool-looking vaginal care and cleansing products that are as #shelfieworthy as Korean skin care and as chic as a jar of La Mer. (Finally!) Before you start thinking about how douches are bad for you (we were on the same memo), note that these new products work differently. None are intended to go up in there, and we’ve shopped through to find a selection of carefully formulated cleansing wipes, moisturizers, and ingrown hair preventers that meet the criteria of one of our favorite gynecologists, Dr. Maria Sophocles, medical director of Women’s Healthcare of Princeton in New Jersey. “In general, I recommend the same rules of thumb as you would use elsewhere: avoid dyes, perfumes, irritants, and try a small amount first to be sure [theres] no skin reaction,” she says, also reminding us that “douching is never a good thing, as it disturbs natural bacterial balance and pH.”

That pH part—which you’ve probably heard before—ph balance for women is critical, as your vagina is naturally more acidic than your skin in order to keep its balance of good and bad bacteria (i.e., no yeast infections). The trickiest part is finding products without fragrance. While perfumes arent necessarily terrible for you, most doctors suggest you avoid them as they can be irritating and, let’s be honest, a pretty subjective benefit. 


Lady Suite: This millennial-pink oil uses organic jojoba oil, meadowfoam seed oil, and carrot seed oil to help you take care of your vulva as well as you take care of your face. It also helps condition skin and prevent ingrown hair no matter what kind of ladyscaping you are or aren’t into. Shop Now


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