The “screw the taboo” gift guide

The “screw the taboo” gift guide

why? because anything
unconventional is just cooler…

Yup, that’s right ladies the holidays are just around the corner. Shocked? SAME!

It’s time to say bye to the blur that was 2019, and we’re sending it off with a bang! This year, we’ve seen so many women prioritize their pleasure, connect with their whole bodies including lady parts (yay), and become more willing to invest in themselves in the form of more self-care PLEASE!

So…our slightly unconventional, screw the taboo gift guide promises to spice up self-care in the New Year for a brand New You, and for the more adventurous ladies in your life. 💃 💃 💃

The following gifts are for women who support empowerment. We’re talking best friends, sisters, moms, feminists, and lady bosses that unapologetically celebrate their womanhood!

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If you don’t see your fav fem-focused products on this list, leave a comment and let us know what we’re missing out on, below! 

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LOVE this gift guide! I will be checking out several of these ideas!


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