The art of letting sh*t go

The art of letting sh*t go

self-care is not one size fits all 

It varies from person to person, circumstance to circumstance and it doesn’t always cost money. We’ve put together a list of 3 ways you can take care of yourself that DOESN’T involve $$$$. 

1.  throw out the need to be right:

Many of us grew up in a culture teaching us that being “right” will bring you acceptance, recognition and success.

From my experience in American school systems, some teachers discouraged the process of making mistakes when learning new lessons. This commonly accepted practice ultimately leads students to believe that “right” is good and “wrong” is bad. Childhood curiosity is restricted and replaced with the will to be right, and is accepted as “truth” far beyond graduation.

ICYMI: this superficial, textbook-notion of wrong and right is absolute bullshit. If you’re still holding on to the notion of “rightness” it could damage your relationships, jobs, and friendships.

Reclaim that childhood curiosity by embracing and exploring the unknown. If you keep trying to be “right” with every decision you make, you’ll lose the flexibility to open your mind to new opportunities that could change your life.

Open your heart and remember this: what is “right” for you may not be “right” for everybody.

2.  get rid of perfection: 

Your self worth is not based on external accomplishments, your looks or how much money you have. In the midst of all the social pressure to be perfect, it’s easy to forget all your amazing and unique qualities.

For the love of yourself, STOP PERPETUATING UNREALISTIC IDEALS, they’re rooted in some serious misogynistic bullshit. 

Here’s a tip: clean out your social media accounts by unfollowing influencers who make you feel shitty. Seek out accounts that empower you.

V IMPORTANT: have fun and embrace your imperfections. UNIQUE IS THE NEW PERFECT. 

3.  dust off your failures: 

 Setbacks in life are inevitable. Everyone fails sometimes. 

This is why a person's character is not defined during easy times, but in hard times. True character is defined by your ability to accept what happened, learn from it and move forward.

Sometimes it feels “comfortable” to focus on failure instead of channeling that energy into taking steps towards your dreams and goals. 

our advice? get uncomfortable!

It’s easy to forget that feeling uncomfortable is just the world giving us an opportunity to change. You have the power to re-create your happiness by seeing setbacks as growth opportunities. 

For the love of letting shit go, learn from your mistakes and MOVE ON.

We know all of this is easier said than done, but sometimes letting go of toxic habits is as simple as a new perspective. 

It’s time to say au revoir to toxic habits! 

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I needed this so thank you.


Smart & helpful, I love this post. Thanks for all of these great tips for real self care and love.


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