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FYI: your pubic hair, your choice!

We support your choice to go full bush, trim, or remove your pubes entirely.

Your choice is the best choice!

Let’s have a virtual hand-up-in-the-air if you enjoy getting your intimate parts landscaped - AKA your pubic hair waxed, trimmed, sugared, lasered, etc.

Chances are, it’s not the most fun appt on your schedule.

For many of us – it can feel rather awkward to butterfly our thighs, exposing our intimate parts to a stranger.

HOWEVER, your dreams of a life without pubes sneaking out on the beach, pool, or while wearing your favorite lingerie keeps you comin’ back for more.

Here’s the thing: it shouldn’t be awkward! Everyone has a body, and everyone has intimate parts. So why do so many women still feel uncomfortable?

There is no easy answer but we can start with western culture’s stigma on women’s bodies and the almost nonexistent representation of women’s genitals in history, science and art. Unfortunately, many of us haven’t been raised to love our vulvas and there hasn’t been much education on vulva diversity.

On the contrary; if you’re comfortable lying spread-eagled in the presence of a stranger, MAD RESPECT. YOU INSPIRE US.

For everyone else, we’re here to bring some comfort to the not-so-comfortable visit with your vulva aesthetician.

We’re also here to normalize the notion that IT’S NORMAL TO FEEL AWKWARD. As it turns out, a lot of people feel the same way. We’ve gathered some common thoughts that run through the minds of women while they’re laying spread eagle – read em’ and commiserate with us:

What we’re thinking:
Is mine weird?
Is my labia too big or long?
Do I have a weird color scheme going on down there, like, am I too dark?
I hate this lighting!
Shit! this is going to hurt!!!
What if I have toilet paper bits leftover?
I’m so embarrassed, I’m nervous and sweating and they’re going to see it.
I hope I don’t pee.
I hope they don’t wax off my clitoris, is that a thing?
She’s prob thinking I am so hairy…
Do I smell and just don’t know it?
Can I get damaged from this?
What if it burns me?
Are ingrown hairs normal? What if she thinks I have an STD?
Are they going to see any discharge and think I’m gross?
What if my tampon gets pulled out?
I’m just going to keep the conversation going so they don’t stare too long.
Is my butt weird?
Omg they can see my butt hole. Ew.




want ingrown free intimate skin?


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Yes, I want to banish ingrown hairs!



Can you relate? Here’s the deal:


They couldn’t care less, tbh.

They aren’t thinking about how much pubic hair you have, how big or small your labia is, or if you’re on your period. Still not convinced? We’ve got proof! We interviewed professionals and here’s what they’re actually thinking while you air your derrière.

What the professionals are thinking:

  • I’m going to give her the best Brazilian ever! This is going to change her life!
  • Spread em! We know it can be a vulnerable position, but try not to keep closing your legs together or fidgeting them out of shyness… we need them butterflied apart in order to be efficient and skilled.
  • Don’t clench your cheeks together when we go for the backside! It makes it WAY harder for us to do our best work, to not make a sticky mess getting them “glued together”, and it hurts more when you’re not relaxed.
  • We don’t remember your vagina. We love YOU, but your vagina is NOT that impressionable. We’ve seen em all! When we run into you at the grocery store… we promise that we aren’t thinking about what your lady bits look like! 

- Melissa Pruitt, Founder and Esthetician: Melt by Melissa
  Scottsdale, Arizona


I’m focused on making sure my clients are feeling safe and comfortable. First, I assess the client’s skin type, gauging the patient’s sensitivity and hyperpigmentation potential and making sure we talk about any potential side effects or downtime (especially if its laser).
Going over any health issues to make sure the client is strong and immune to tolerate the treatment.
Post-care, educating the patient on how post care is recommended and essential, since skin post laser is vulnerable to bacteria. 

- Michelle Calabrese, Master Aesthetician at Central Park
  Beauty by Dr. James Silberzweig

  New York, New York


As an esthetician I am actually honored that you feel comfortable and you trust me. I am just focused on giving you the best service ever. For me that is making you feel comfortable and most importantly observing your hair pattern as that is what I am there for! So in reality I may be all up in there, but I am really only focused on the direction of your hair, to give you the best wax you have ever had. 

- Angelica T Sele, Owner / Skin Specialist at Angelica B Beauty
  San Diego, CA

It’s time to expose your parts with pride and confidence! The next time you get your pubes removed – SPREAD EM’!

The more we collectively start to feel empowered with our bodies; relaxed and confident – the more body positivity will be normalized. And we all know western culture could use a dose of that.

It’s time to feel comfortable and confident in your own body. Your bikini line and professional pubescaper will thank you.

Extra tip: Remember that finding your ideal vulva aesthetician is just as important as your hairdresser, yoga instructor, roommate, you get it…if you’re still seeing someone you don’t clique with, dump them and keep searching!



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