Self-Isolation: Fun Ways to Keep Busy if You're Bored at Home

Self-Isolation: Fun Ways to Keep Busy if You're Bored at Home

So unless you live under a rock (sometimes wish we did) your world may have turned upside down due to this stressful pandemic, us too! It is a no brainer that by now self-isolation is the best and safest way to remain healthy, but it doesn’t exactly make staying indoors any easier especially when sunshine is beckoning you to come out and play. If you’re home alone, or even among family or friends, boredom is still a thing. Instead of sucking up more screen time or binging Tiger King, keep reading some alt. and even fun ways to undo at-home boredom.

revamp your self-care routine

Now that you’ve got spare time on your hands consider investing some of it back into yourself! Practicing self-care helps maintain positivity and can give a boost to your self-esteem. The best part of self-care is that it’s whatever you want it to be and can consist of anything YOU love. 

One way to kickstart your self-care revamp is by overhauling your old skincare regimen. If you have specific skin concerns to address, find the right products and ingredients that target said issues. Retinoid-based skincare products, for example, are great for treating fine lines and wrinkles or acne, as the active ingredient works to boost collagen production and renew the skin. Yay! 

If you’re looking for other ways to kick back and relax, consider taking a long bath. A few easy ways you can boost your bath time are with Himalayan or sea salt and essential oils like lavender, sandalwood, or chamomile. Each of these is said to have therapeutic benefits that aim to help reduce anxiety and stress. Well, what are you waiting for? Light some candles, put on a hair or face mask, put on your favorite tunes, and enjoy!  

Caring for your health and wellness is an important aspect of your self-care routine. Unfortunately, there is limited store access and even quantity restrictions on essential items we all need. Ordering online and having products shipped right to your doorstep can add convenience and safety to your self-isolation lifestyle. Brands like Cora (we love them!) offer options to order and receive their feminine products from the comfort of your home, making wellness a priority and self-care a breeze. 

Of course, the opportunities to practice self-care are endless and aren’t limited to these suggestions. However, if you're already a self-care pro and are looking for different ways to revamp your routine, check out this informative article for more self-care tips for social distancing.


try something new 

Now is as good of a time as ever to take on something new. It can be easy to feel the cabin fever and get stir crazy while in self-isolation, so tap into your creative side to keep you busy. 

Many sites, including Brit + Co, are offering free classes to help keep you busy while you’re at home. There is a wide variety of classes to choose from, including cake decorating, painting, photography, and even investing! You can also find opportunities to take college courses through a variety of universities that even transfer as credit! 

Other activities you should consider trying are meditating, journaling, or reading. Each of these offers therapeutic benefits and can provide you with a sense of calm and relaxation, all while stimulating your brain. 


maintain healthy habits 

The idea of staying indoors may probably throw a wrench in your typical routines. For the gym lovers out there, don’t worry! There are still plenty of ways you can get your exercise in. At-home workouts can provide you with the sweat-inducing activity you and your body needs. Whether you participate in a group class offered by your local gym or find your favorite workout on YouTube, doing so will allow you to feel a sense of normalcy in your day-to-day routine.

Take this opportunity to also hone in on your cooking skills. No matter if you’ve been making an effort to choose healthier options, or you want to channel your inner chef, this can be a fun time to learn in the kitchen. Challenge yourself to make dishes with the food you have in your pantry as opposed to going out or having groceries delivered. You just might find your new favorite meal or flavor combination! 


stay connected 

It may feel as though you spend the majority of your time these days scrolling through your phone. Between the various social media platforms, it can seem as though you are connected with all your friends and family; you see them posting every day, right? While this may be true for some, interestingly enough, studies have shown that social media can actually increase loneliness. To combat this, be sure to put in extra effort into communicating with your loved ones. Whether that be you send a simple text message, give them a call, or even hop on a video chat to spend some quality time together—six feet apart, of course.


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