self-care on the daily

self-care on the daily

At Lady Suite, it’s no secret we love self-care.

But for some of us, popular self-care practices can feel too aspirational or even more stressful, i.e. daily yoga when you’re not that flexible (me) or taking a gorgeous, relaxing herbal bath when you don’t have a cool bathtub or herbs (also me).

We do think some version of self-care on the daily is a good thing for many, and maybe even essential right now. But there is really no standard of self-care and your version is your business + doesn’t have to be instagrammable.

Here are some of our recent self-care activities that aren’t yoga, but also empowering and (pretty) easy to do:

lounge around in lipstick

These days, it’s not super motivating to wear makeup. ut, just putting on your fave lipstick or gloss can be an instant mood booster. Plus, lipstick makes the pajamas you’re wearing at 3 PM look posh.


marie kondo your desktop and/or email inbox

Your desktop and inbox can be digital dumpings ground adding visual clutter and stress to your searches. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Plus, you’ll feel so good when you see 6 folders instead of 66.


don’t multi-task

Decide to undo the multi-tasking mindset at least a day a week so you can fully focus on the thing you’re doing. It will be way more enjoyable, and you’ll actually remember it.


master masturbation (and with a vibrator?)

We think masturbation is a quick way to de-stress and delight in some major physical pleasure without a sexual partner. Adding a vibrator to the mix is fun and can help you better figure out what feels good to you.


stare at a lit candle

Fires are known to be hypnotic and can create a state of trance. Plus, the glow of a candle or a fire in the fireplace is peaceful, elaxing and can alleviate anxiety. But please blow it out when you’re done 😉


better yet, stare at your vulva

If you haven’t taken a good look at your vulva lately (or ever) now’s the time. It’s time to get comfortable and educated about your lovely lady garden. Plus, you’ll be a better detector if something shows up that’s not normal for you!


Have an inspiring/stress-free self-care activity to share? DM us at ladysuite_beauty
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I love the candle idea! It works. ;)
Super calming.

Ethereal Violet

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