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prioritizing pleasure means you’re worthy of sensuality...

And all the benefits that come from, well, cumming. 

Fulfilling your desires by allowing yourself to be sexual and sensual has a plethora of benefits, according to studies. Sex with yourself or a partner(s) can activate neurotransmitters that impact your brain and provide you with important phycological and physical benefits. 

Let’s dive into a few reasons you should be adding “pleasure” to your weekly to-do list:

benefits of self-pleasure:

  • Increased ability for orgasms
  • Increased sexual satisfaction
  • Better sleep
  • Stress reduction
  • Lower blood pressure 
  • Immediate, natural pain relief
  • Can help you become more attuned to your body
  • Can help you explore your sexual desires and preferences 

  • Self-pleasure doesn’t release QUITE as much Oxytocin or mood-boosting hormones as sex with a partner(s). However, there are still oh so many benefits and reasons to prioritize sex with yourself. 

    when you have sex with a partner(s), you get all the benefits above & more:  

  • Increased intimacy and closeness to a sexual partner (Thanks Oxytocin, AKA the “love hormone”.)
  • Better immune system 
  • Decreased depression and anxiety 
  • Increased libido 

  • No orgasm? It happens… you’re still benefiting lady. You can release mood-boosting chemicals caressing the skin, kissing, sexual talk, etc. 

    we get it.

    The modern woman is juggling multiple jobs, all while maintaining her health, taking care of others, nurturing relationships and checking in with her therapist. 

    Basically, y'all are busy AF. That is why it’s important to make time for yourself. What’s a good way of tackling self-love and staying present? PLEASURE. 

    Let’s start adding pleasure to our weekly to-do list ladies.

    Go on, cum a little, or a lot, you deserve it. 

    Note: we understand everyone has different sexual preferences and needs. Some women may struggle with issues such as emotional, mental health, physical, trauma, etc. which may affect their sex life. We believe all women deserve a healthy sex life or lack of if that is their choice. This post is for women who choose to be sexual, not a sentiment for all women. 


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