Top Three Ingredients For Intimate Skin

Top Three Ingredients For Intimate Skin

When it comes to skincare, the face, and perhaps the neck and decolletage, is usually the focus.

But while complexion care is certainly important, there’s skin all over our bodies, and all of it deserves some love.

That being said, skin all over requires different kinds of love. Intimate skin (our favorite, of course!) faces its own unique set of challenges, completely different from that of our face, arms, legs, or anywhere else. And in the spirit of how exactly to give that skin the care that it might need, we’re sharing our three favorite ingredients for maintaining the glow down below. 

Fatty Acids:

Intimate skin faces a lot of potential irritation — think razor burn, working out, sweaty summer chafing, etc.

Omega-rich fatty acids like those found in our Rejuvenating Botanical Oil work to lock in moisture, relieving dryness and smoothing over any rashy disturbances. They do so by feeding, supporting, and building the skin’s moisture barrier, and a healthy moisture barrier is essential for balanced skin overall.


As you may suspect, postbiotics — found in our Probiotic Refreshing Cleanser —  are a lesser-known counterpart to probiotics. The biggest difference between the two, you ask? The answer, sort of spookily, lies in their mortality. While probiotics are very much alive, postbiotics are actually, well, kinda dead.

Well, not dead. Postbiotics are the waste that’s left behind after your body digests pre- and probiotics — think of them as a gorgeous pile of compost, that can then be used to fertilize the garden that is your intimate skin! (Not fertilize fertilize, but you know what we mean.)

Examples of prebiotics range from certain peptides, to a range of fatty acids, to a molecule class called biosurfactants, and incorporating postbiotics into external intimate skincare (vulva only, don’t douche!) as needed works wonders for maintaining a healthy, balanced genital microbiome and pH, slowing down the growth of bad bacteria by helping to nourish the good.


Anti-inflammatory niacinamide, or Vitamin B3, is a skincare powerhouse. It’s shown to reduce dark spots, alleviate any redness or uneven skin tone, and even helps to maintain skin elasticity, ensuring that your intimate area is balanced, smooth, and plump as ever.

Find it in our Glow Refiner, where it helps to eliminate ingrown hairs and razor burn.

If you have a favorite ingredient — or favorite LadySuite product — let us know! And no matter what, have fun taking care of your most personal parts. They deserve it, and so do you.


This article is by Maggie Harrison-- a rural Pennsylvania-raised, currently New Orleans-based writer and creative whose work covers everything from wellness to social media to grief and loss. Head to her website to learn more about her work, or follow along on Instagram or Twitter.


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