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why didn’t they teach you in biology class about ingrown hairs below the belt?

Better yet, why didn’t anyone warn you about ingrown hairs ever?!! If you’re suffering in silence, endlessly Google searching for ingrown hair care for down there– i.e. ingrown hairs or razor bumps on the vulva or (what’s mistakenly called) “vagina lips” just know you’re not alone.

But before you use harsh scrubs or an acne face treatment with covert nighttime plans to use it on your lady garden, let us introduce you to the new holy grail for stubborn skin down south. Her name is GLOW REFINER, and her job is to knock out ingrown hairs, razor bumps, blemishes, and dark spots fast!

Glow Refiner is our most serious glow-boosting + ingrown hair-annihilating product formulated with specific plant-based ingredients that gently exfoliate and fight the good fight against unwanted bacteria while it also hydrates, revitalizes, and soothes sensitivities down south.



want ingrown free intimate skin?


Combat chronic ingrown hairs, razor bumps, blemishes, and rough texture for intimate skin that looks brighter, clearer and more even toned.

Yes, I want to banish ingrown hairs!



some of its glow boosters and skin soothers are:

willowbark and witchhazel 

help soothe and eradicate bacteria and clear pores.

lactic acid

gently exfoliates, conditions, and helps maintain an optimal pH balance


from mushrooms mimics the smoothing and rejuvenating benefits of retinol sans irritation


(Vitamin B3) helps fade dark spots, minimize redness and blotchiness, and helps skin maintain its firmness.

hyaluronic acid

helps the skin retain hydration

Just in case you’re wondering, Glow Refiner is 100% natural with absolutely no synthetic fragrance or color, glycerin, soy, phthalates, gluten, animal products, and other vulva villains. Plus, she’s dermatologist-tested and can also be used in other sensitive areas prone to ingrowns, bumps and blemishes, including face, neck and underarms. Ladies love it, men are known to steal it for a magical pre / post-shave experience.

So, there is no need to suffer another second! It’s time to experience a healthier and happier way to glow below.

cuz you (and your lady parts) deserve to feel comfortable and confident in your intimate skin.

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