Mary J. was right, no more drama already!

Mary J. was right, no more drama already!

Ok, admit it. Who doesn’t love a dose of drama in their lives. There's a reason why Bravo exists...

I’m definitely using TV as an escape outlet to focus less on my own issues, not to mention the world’s issues, until lately. After endless months of self-isolation, my struggles seem to have a spotlight on them no matter how much TV (or Yoga) I do.

So basically, I’m “feeling” my feelings a lot more. It’s not just emotions either, my sporadic neck pain is lingering longer, stronger PMS symptoms are cramping my style, and then leave it to anxiety to wake me up at 4 AM on the dot with fears that the world is pre-apocalyptic.

I’m not a health expert, but I’ve been around long enough to know that life's mental, emotional, and physical drama is being amplified by an unlimited supply of stress via the pandemic and beyond. It’s like someone has aimed a stress hose at me full blast and I’m having a hard time not drowning in it. You too?

We need to do what it takes to manage stress for the betterment of our health. The good news is just underneath all the stress is actually a calm version of you. We just have to help her get out from under the stress layers by being more mindful and intentional on a daily basis.

Here are our top 5 daily de-stressing solutions (outside of reality TV) for less drama in your life:

  1. music makes the mind grow calmer 

  2. Maybe gangster rap is your thing. But according to Psych Central, “…slow, quiet or classical music can have a beneficial effect on our mind and body by lowering heart rate, blood pressure and decreasing stress hormones.” Turn up the Spa-Tify please!

  1. keep calm, color on 

  2. So if you’re 18 and older, you probably haven’t colored in a while. If you’re a mom or have carpel tunnel, you should probably ignore this. But getting in touch with your creative side through coloring can have a meditative effect and has been shown to reduce anxiety. But maybe not this coloring book, LOL.


    Evidence shows that Cannabidiol or hemp oil (not pot or weed) can alleviate anxiety, stress, and lift the mood. We’ve created our own lady-loving hemp oil tincture formula – No Drama Drops – and boosted the “calmtourage” effect with specific terpenes and adaptogens also known to soothe physical discomfort + PMS struggle. Bye bloating! Head to our sister site: to get yours today with code: NODRAMA20


  1. watch calmedy 

    1. It’s time to ditch the drama for the comedy. No reality shows, no Dateline, and no Fox News (kidding, not kidding). Laughter really is the best medicine to relieve physical tension, and even increase immunity. So, when you feel stress coming on, watch a roast on Comedy Central. We recommend the Justin Beiber one featuring Martha Stewart.

  1. kiss drama good-bye, literally

    1. For couples on lockdown, it’s time to lip lock. Kissing increases levels of the love hormone oxytocin which counteracts the stress hormone cortisol, and boosts the happy hormones serotonin and endorphins. Yay! If you’re single, our vote is masturbation. That definitely does the trick too.

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