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Helllooooo Pisces Queens 💎✨ Happy b-day!!! 🧜‍♀️⁣⁣
This moment in time is powerful + mystical, but it's not exactly carefree. There is a call to methodically build our dreams on solid ground while feeling our way through the waters of intuition and heightened senses. There is no compartmentalizing the various versions of ourselves in this space. All of the different energies are worthy of our attention. Make the fact that you are magic really REAL and use it to both appreciate who you are now and manifest the hell out of your dreams. ⁣⁣
If we infuse our world with both creativity and structure nothing can stop us! 

Aries - Let that shit to come to you. Don't try to control the process.

Taurus - Remember that idea, project, or person that you left behind. Go after it + make magic happen.

Gemini - Show love to your body, get in your heart + out of your head. You will thank you.

Cancer - Don't let the hard stuff overwhelm you. Seriously badass stuff is about to happen.

Leo - Move past fears and connect with people you love. You need it.

Virgo - Be the rebel you have always dreamt of being. New paths are on your horizon.

Libra - Use your triggers as a window to your inner world. Clear them out and make room for more love + abundance.

Scorpio - Daydreaming is your friend. You are recreating your reality with every uplifting thought.

Sagittarius - Feel good knowing deep connection is just around the corner. Trust the process.

Capricorn - You're incredible + unique separate from your productivity and $$. Remind yourself daily.

Aquarius - Work on appreciating all experiences both good and bad. Your power will only grow.

Pisces - Create a relationship with the present moment. Get passionate + excited about all you are + all you do.


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