The Lowdown on Bikini Breakouts aka Folliculitis

The Lowdown on Bikini Breakouts aka Folliculitis

Are you suffering from chronic ingrown hairs? Or bikini breakouts that never seem to go away? You could have Folliculitis and not even know it. Folliculitis is inflammation and infection of the hair follicles. It is very common and can be chronic if not treated properly.

Folliculitis commonly resembles that of a pimple; red, inflamed, and infected pustules. Usually, it starts as a few isolated infected hair follicles, but often it spreads. When the 'cap' or scab is disrupted and/or removed, the bacteria can spread and heighten the infection. Folliculitis ranges from mild to acute in severity. It usually is a bacterial-based infection, however, there is fungal Folliculitis too.

There are a number of things that can cause or contribute to Folliculitis. For example, shaving or waxing, combined with heat and/or friction. The right amount of bacteria + exposure to an environment that fosters the growth of microbes + disruption to the hair follicles = a perfect storm.

I'd guess that most women have experienced some level of Folliculitis at some point in their lives. The condition can heal on its own for some people, and it can be chronic for others. Acute cases may need prescription treatment, as the bacteria associated with Folliculitis is typically staphylococcus aureus.

I think often, there is a level of shame associated with Folliculitis. This leads to self-treatment and/or neglect.

How can it be avoided? Folliculitis can't be avoided entirely, however, maintaining a high level of hygiene typically helps. For example, use clean razors and change them out often. If you get waxing services, make sure your technician isn't double dipping wax sticks. Knowing your breakout triggers undoubtedly helps. Remember, heat, sweat, and friction can exacerbate the problem.

If you think you may have Folliculitis, don't suffer in silence. Tell your estheticians and physicians, feel free to reach out to Lady Suite or visit the skin experts at Skin Studio Arizona.


This article is by Noelani Ganz-- Noelani is of Mexican, Japanese and Irish roots, born and raised in Maui, Hawaii. She moved to Phoenix in 1996 and has been practicing esthetics since 2001.

Her focus and the foundation of her practice is the emphasis of fundamental skincare. Noelani approaches the treatment of skin in a realistic way, with transparency. She believes there is a need to recognize and validate the anxiety and intimidation women can feel when they unveil their bare face. Therefore, she works to create a comfortable environment for her clients, encouraging real, relatable dialogue when it comes to their skin.

‘The industry of esthetics has been and can be elitist. I’m trying to change that culture by bringing light to it. I don't think there are enough skin practitioners out there with an emphasis on the treatment and support of rudimentary skin health.’ Noelani specializes in the treatment of everyday, common, chronic skin disorders, such as rosacea, dermatitis and eczema to name a few. ‘Proper treatment of skin disorders are essential in achieving one's desired appearance. Recognition and treatment of these disorders are often overlooked due to the cosmetic emphasis in the skin industry’.

Additionally, Noelani writes and develops skincare formulations. ‘I choose intentional ingredients for an intended outcome. All ingredients in a formulation can and should serve a purpose’. Noelani learned how to write and develop formulations through working closely with numerous compounding pharmacies. She has been formulating skincare products since 2015.

Furthermore, Noelani is compelled to encourage the advancement of all women, advocating inclusive support and aid amongst her female community.


Arizona and California Licensed Esthetician

Certified Laser Technician- Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency

National Society of Rosacea

Society of Cosmetic Chemists

American Academy of Dermatology Association 

Associated Skin Care Professionals



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