Lady Brags Interview: The woman behind flow days

Lady Brags Interview: The woman behind flow days

meet brittany smyth-jones, the woman behind flow days

The Flow Days blog + IG helps women manage endometriosis and period pain
through education + support.

We've been inspired by Flow Days for some time. At Lady Suite we know all too well the struggles that come with the different stages of a woman's life.

For Brittany, a severe struggle came in the form of endometriosis. She has used Flow Days to share her journey with others and offer them natural solutions to very real problems.

We also love her sense of humor and how *there* she is for us every day on Instagram. Get to know lady boss, Brittany Smyth-Jones with us.

let's start with a lady brag!

1. Tell us the 3 things you love to brag about the most: 

1. I love to brag about my job, I love love love sharing my message. If I can make just one #endosister feel less alone, it’s been a great day.

2. I have a seriously gorgeous man in my life. I move at a million miles a minute, and sometimes anxiety can get the best of me, but he accepts me and shows up for me, no matter what. Unconditional love is such a precious thing, and I am so thankful to have it in my life.

3. Lastly, I love to brag about my pre-quarantine brows, they were really something ha ha! 


  1. 2. We’re seriously inspired by your story. Can you tell us when your struggle with endometriosis begun?


I was 12 when I got my first period and it was absolutely awful. I had to get my Dad to pick me up from school, I was vomiting and in more pain than I had ever felt. From there, once a month I’d be incredibly sick for 1-2 days. Slowly over time, I started getting pain during the rest of the month, and I developed chronic fatigue from dealing with it all.  


  1. 3. When did you decide to go public with your story and become an awareness advocate for endometriosis and menstrual health?


I decided to start Flow Days in 2018 so I could blog about the results I had gotten from lifestyle tools. I just couldn’t keep it to myself any longer. They say there is no cure to endometriosis, and while that may be true, I sincerely believe that those who suffer from endometriosis can largely reduce their symptoms as I am living breathing proof of it. 


  1. 4. It looks like your journey led you to a new way of living. What changes in your life have made with the biggest impact on your overall wellness?


I had to completely change my life, but I am so glad I did - not only did it transform my health, but I am also happier because of it. There are a few key things I did that I believe really helped reduce my symptoms. Firstly, I cleaned up my diet and cut out meat for 5 years (check out the study “Seeing red: diet and endometriosis risk” if you’d like to learn more). I also stopped eating dairy and non-organic grains, which I still try to avoid to this day. I also used Castor Oil Packs, Apple Cider Vinegar, essential oils and more - if it had a benefit, I did it. Lastly, I incorporated light exercise and plenty of vitamin D.  All of these steps helped take me from ER visits, vomiting and fainting, to mild and even pain-free periods and better energy. If you’d like to read more about my approach to treating endometriosis, head to my blog! 


  1. 5. We noticed you have a blog about CBD and we ‘re about to launch a new CBD product! What is it about CBD you appreciate the most?


I cannot get enough of CBD! I’ve been a big fan of cannabis and hemp for many years and I couldn’t be more excited that it has made its way to your products too, I can’t wait to try it! Anything that helps reduce stress and pain naturally without side-effects is a huge win for me! 


  1. 6. What products are in your quarantine survival list?


Eminence Organics Skincare for at-home facials. Onda Wellness for oral CBD to keep me calm. Saje essential oils, to keep my mood balanced and the house smelling great. Lady Suite, to keep up that glow below. And Netflix, of course! 


  1. 7. What does “wellness” mean to you now? And how is this different from the way you thought of wellness in the past?


Wellness means putting me first, always. I used to think of wellness like deprivation, taking away all the things I used to love like junk food, late nights and more. Now I see it as a gift, it’s giving back something to me. And wellness doesn’t always mean grabbing the green juice, non-judgement is the best kind of wellness and I will treat myself to whatever I feel like from time to time, it’s all about balance. 


  1. 8. We know you use the Lady Suite, thank you!!!  What is your favorite way to use Lady Suite? 


I think of Sunday’s as my glow below days. I will usually run a bath in the evening and do some mindfulness meditation, followed by some grooming with my Lady Suite products. When I first got the product, I read up on the ritual on the Lady Suite website, so I like to do the visualization while repeating ‘I accept and love myself exactly as I am’. 


  1. 9. What advice do you want to give to all women struggling with endometriosis and menstrual health? 


My advice would be to not lose hope. Chronic diseases are tough, and the people who suffer from them usually spend many years defending themselves in the medical system and it’s exhausting, but there is hope. Instead of researching “endometriosis” try researching “endometriosis success stories”. I am not alone, there are many women out there who have reduced their endometriosis symptoms and I truly believe it is possible.  


  1. 10. What’s next for Flow Days? And how can women support/get involved?


I would love to keep spreading the message of natural wellness to combat endometriosis, as well as de-stigmatize periods in general! You can support my mission by speaking openly about your period to your family and friends to help reduce the stigma, especially around young girls who need to know that periods are a natural part of life, and that period pain is not! If you want to hear more from me you can check me out at @flow.days on Instagram. 

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