Lady Brags Interview: Jen May

Lady Brags Interview: Jen May

Have you ever heard of pleasure-based activism? If you want to know more keep reading...

Lady Suite connected with Lovers Stores via a sexual wellness giveaway and immediately fell in love. After meeting their Sr. Director of Marketing, Jen May, and getting a taste of the passion behind the brand we couldn't wait to learn more + take YOU on the journey. Read along and get to know lady boss Jen May with us!

1. let's start out with a lady brag!

Tell us the 3 things you love to brag about the most:

1. I love to brag about my cooking. It's a real creative outlet for me and, not to brag, but I’m pretty good at it.
2. My hair. It’s my only real vanity. There are days where I just feel so darn good about it!
3. My chosen family and loved ones. They are incredible and I know how lucky I am to have them. I’ve had most of my friends for over ten years and have known my best friend for 30! 

2. we were fascinated with lovers store after doing a giveaway together + fell in love with your site and social. what’s the brand’s core mission?  

Simply put - I like to think that we help change the world one orgasm at a time. Our core mission is to provide education, empowerment, permission, and amazing products for everyone - no matter where they are in their pleasure journey. Our 42 stores are a judgment free environment for folks to shop and learn and our company is committed to being at the forefront of social change. Our Core Values are Inclusivity, WellBeing, Sex Positivity, Respect, and Empowerment. 

3. we love the idea of pleasure based activism.  tell us what it is and why you’re passionate about this movement. 

Pleasure based activism means that we approach conversations about sex authentically and from three angles:  Education, Advocacy, and Transparency. We are committed to educating customers about sex and sex positivity, pleasure, and consent. We are advocates for underrepresented communities including LGBTQIA folks and work to elevate the voices of BIPOC thought leaders in our industry. We also recognize that many people sit in the intersection of these identities. And we are transparent that we have room to learn and improve and are committed to doing so. 

I personally have been working in this industry for 18 years and feel like my career has been largely shaped by feminism. And my work at Lovers has only deepened my commitment to spreading the joys of sex toys and pleasure. Conversations still need to happen to normalize pleasure, masturbation, consent just to name a few- the list keeps going!  

4. name one or two things that desperately need to be taught in sex ed.

I think if sex education could focus on self exploration and pleasure folks would be in a much better place to advocate for themselves when they are ready to explore with a partner. Masturbation needs to be normalized - orgasm is a basic bodily function and isn’t something that should be shameful, private perhaps but not shameful. I also think it’s incredibly important to start basic sex education as early as possible by using proper terminology for the body. I’m not a parent so I hate to dish out parenting advice and calling anything a whoo-haa or a chee-chee just isn’t right.


5. you spoke to the fact that “orgasms are not the goal”.  we’d love to hear more! 

I think that it’s really easy to be goal oriented about everything in our culture. What’s at the end? How do I win? What does success look like? What if orgasms weren’t always the end goal to pleasure? If we could slow down and enjoy the sensations for what they are - instead of worrying about coming or how long it’s taking. What if we luxuriated in the feelings and the connection and the process? I think we’d all learn a lot more about what we like and what we don’t as well as be more receptive to the little pleasures all around us.  


6. what is your daily sexual wellness routine or the routine you recommend

I recommend that people find the joy in the little things. Be open to new experiences. Stay curious. And be able to laugh at yourself. All these small practices work so well outside of the bedroom - why not apply them to pleasure! Oh - and just use as much lube as you want to whenever you want to. That’s a routine I fully support. 

7. what are your desert island-level product favs available at 






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