Lady Brags Interview: Jen Forshan, RN & co-founder of PinkDoor

Lady Brags Interview: Jen Forshan, RN & co-founder of PinkDoor

meet jen forshan, RN & co-founder of pinkdoor – an elevated medical aesthetics practice


As a registered nurse specializing in Labor and Delivery for the past 20 years, Jen knows women’s health and intimate skin issues. In addition to her love of treating women through pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum issues, Jen has a passion for medical aesthetic skincare. While working in Labor and Delivery, Jen has worked with one of Marin’s Count's largest Plastic Surgery practices gaining top-level experience, honing her skills in advanced injectables, laser treatments, and other non-invasive face and body rejuvenation treatments. Her desire to offer inclusive therapies, not just for the niche or notable, but to all women who need intimate skincare treatments but are hesitant to have the conversation, Jen creates a safe environment to discuss personal and aesthetic skincare needs.

On top of it all, Jen Forshan, RN, recently co-founded PinkDoor Aesthetics, an elevated medical aesthetics experience. LadySuite is among the carefully curated offerings at PinkDoor Aesthetics. Get to know Jen Fornshan, Medical Aesthetics Curator!

Let's start out with a lady brag! Tell us the 3 things you love to brag about the most? 


  1. Three thighs I love to brag about are: First, and probably the most common among women, are my three daughters Olivia, Julia, and Mia. All three girls are so different, but I’m so proud of the amazing young women they have turned out to be. Second, my husband, Christian and I are celebrating our thirty year wedding anniversary in March, which, having been married so young, we’ve beat the odds- so far! I also love bragging that I’ve been lucky enough to work in a job for over twenty years where I can really help make a difference in womens’ lives.


You have an interesting career as both a labor & delivery nurse AND aesthetics nurse. What inspired both/how do they relate?


My goal was never to become a nurse, but it was the best decision I ever made! My husband and I moved to Marin County from Laguna Beach twenty-two years ago and we had one daughter at the time. I wasn’t working and I was having a hard time meeting new friends, so I thought I would take a class at the local college. I saw that the nursing program was accepting applications and from my undergrad I had all the required prerequisites, so I decided to apply and got accepted. From the beginning, I knew I would specialize in labor and delivery nursing. Having been influenced by my own positive birth experience, I wanted to help other women the way my labor nurses helped me and it’s been an amazing twenty years. It hasn’t always been easy, and some of the hardest situations have been my biggest learning experiences, but also the most rewarding. I’ve always had a passion for skincare and aesthetics and being a RN I already had the credentials to turn my passion into a career. Again, it wasn’t easy because the aesthetics field is so competitive, but I was lucky to have people believe in me enough to give me a chance and I was able to learn a whole new specialty. At first, transitioning from a L&D nurse where I was helping women at a really life changing time or literally helping save a mom or baby’s life to listening to someone talk about how they don’t like this wrinkle or spot on their face felt so superficial and not very meaningful. However, I was wrong. Like a L&D nurse, I am able to help women (and men!) feel more confident and empowered. Yes, there's the superficial too, but when I can help change or improve something that has affected someone’s life negatively that feels pretty good too. 


What inspired you to start PinkDoor and what sets it apart? 


What has inspired me to start PinkDoor is what sets it apart. I wanted to create an elevated,  destination aesthetics practice that always puts the patient first. It’s not about over-selling or over-promising. It’s about the appropriate treatment to deliver the best results in an environment that's inclusive to all to help people feel the best they can about themselves. 

What is your overall skin care and vulva skin care philosophy?


My philosophy for all skincare is really about results driven, clean skincare that is not overdone or over regimented so it’s easy to stick with.

We’ve been told that there wasn’t a lot of vulva health or vulva skin education from other medical professionals we’ve talked to. Is your experience similar? 


I agree 100%! Even during a well woman exam the vulva can be skimmed over with the focus on the vagina, cervix, or ovaries. After birth, there is little to no education on hormonal changes and how it can relate to the vulva specific tissue. There’s discussion about how to care for any laceration from birth, but even that is lacking.

We share a passion for undoing tired taboos around women’s vulvas and vaginas. Are you seeing progress in your practice? For example, are your patients less adverse to talking about their vulva health and/or concerns?  


Women definitely feel more comfortable discussing their vagina or vulva after they learn I’ve been a labor and delivery nurse for twenty years! Often, it’s my L&D background that opens the door to the discussion about their concerns about their vulva skin whether its dryness, irritation, or it’s appearance.

In your experience, wow do different stages of womanhood affect our skin – from periods to pregnancy, and through menopause?


It’s this crazy evolution of changes that all women experience to different degrees. From puberty with development of pubic hair and acne, to hormonal pigmentation during pregnacy or childbearing years to dryness and tissue atrophy through menopause.

One controversial topic that we’ve touched on over the years is insecurity around labia. Do you/your patience have experience with this? If yes, please elaborate! 


Absolutely! There can be labial lacerations from birth that can cause pain and scarring. Of course the over sexualization of the female genitals and cultural standards can cause insecurities if you perceive yourself as  different from the “norm.” Having tools to help women with their  insecurities surrounding their labia, whatever is causing them, is pretty amazing. I’ve never really understood why people care so much if a woman chooses to rejuvenate her labia surgically or non surgically? If it makes a woman feel more confident, decreased discomfort, or makes her feel more sexy and improving her sex life, why not? 

Are there any non-invasive treatments you can recommend for women that are experiencing daily discomfort? 


There are some awesome products like the Lady Suite products that help to improve discomfort and appearance from shaving, friction, or lack of pubic hair, which is protective of the vulva skin.

We don’t talk much about anti-aging when it comes to vulva skin outside of how skin loses its structure and protective abilities. But, definitely does not mean women don’t have those concerns. In your experience, do women have concerns about loss of collagen or even wrinkles down below - no judgment intended!


One of the specialties of PinkDoor Aesthetics is noninvasive vaginal rejuvenation. No one talks too much about their vulva skin (it’s starting to change), but almost everyone is thinking about it! Once the conversion is initiated it’s so fun to see women get excited about the different treatments offered to improve the appearance of the vulva. 

Speaking of anti-aging, something I really appreciate about you is that you’re all about looking like yourself, only refreshed and not too overdone. What are some of your dos, don’ts, or go-to face or body treatments that you swear by?  


The principle is really simple and one I cannot take credit for, but believe in 100%! It’s a combination of having the best skin you can, reduce wrinkles, and improve volume loss. I love neuromodulators and fillers, but never to the point of being overfilled or over frozen. I’m a big believer in laseres, micro needling with or without radiofrequency to build elastin and collagen to keep the skin pretty and healthy. Address all three areas and I think you get the most natural, refreshed look. 

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