Lady Brags Interview: Ashley Cobb, the Woman Behind Sex with Ashley

Lady Brags Interview: Ashley Cobb, the Woman Behind Sex with Ashley

meet ashley cobb “your favorite friend in filth”

At Lady Suite we are ALL about sharing useful education for vulva-owners in a fun + friendly way. Vulvas, sex, pleasure- these things should not be taboo. Instead, they should be celebrated + openly shared and our very special guest, Ashley Cobb, would definitely agree. 

She's the founder of Sex with Ashley and host of the podcast Hoe and Tell. Ashley has turned Sex Ed into entertainment while focusing on sexual health, sensual pleasure, and orgasmic tools. Get to know this amazing lady boss, Ashley Cobb, with us! 

1) let's start out with a lady brag! tell us the 3 things you love to brag about the most? 

•This month I’m celebrating my year anniversary of full-time entrepreneurship  
•The launch of my Podcast, Hoe And Tell
•Making it through 2020!

2) so tell us….why SEX?? what sparked your interest in becoming a sexpert? 

I have always had a natural curiosity around sex. I remember watching Sex With Sue Johanson and Real Sex on HBO in my teens. Once I got to college I fell in love with Public Health and majored in Health Promotions, with the desire to become a Public Health Educator or HIV Educator. When job prospects didn’t line up as I desired,  I started a blog as a way to educate and share information.   

3)  what is sex with ashley’s core mission? what makes you tick? 

The core mission of Sex With Ashley is to create conversations around sex. I consider myself the millennial mouthpiece for sex with Black women, I want to remove the taboo from sex by creating conversations about it. 

4) tell us about your own vulva insecurities and how you got over them. 

Every woman has vulva insecurities, for me, my insecurities came around ingrown hairs bumps. I thought something was wrong with me and that what I was experiencing was abnormal, but what I learned was it was quite normal.  Surprisingly Google helped me to realize that I was normal. I would search pubic ingrown hairs and see all these results that included educational websites, pictures, and some forums. 



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5) has your journey improved your own sex life and if so, how?

Most definitely, being a pleasure advocate I had to practice what I preached so to speak.  I couldn’t help others if my own sex life was in shambles. 

6) name one thing that needs to get added to sex ed class (like yesterday)! 

Sex Ed classes of today could really benefit from incorporating Female Pleasure into its curriculum. Like myself, so many women had to learn about pleasure through trial and error. Women need to know about the internal clitoris and about the many different types of orgasms.

7) what part of sex education are you most passionate about? 

Female Pleasure and Advocacy 

8) what is your all-time fav sex toy?  

The Wand!!! I am a direct clit stimulation type of gal and The Wand gets the job done every time.

9) what’s your vulva care routine look like! grooming? arousal oils? daily affirmations? 

My vulva care routine consists of weekly exfoliating and grooming. I like to use natural body scrub on my pubic region, this keeps it nice and smooth. I also don't like a lot of hair so I trim as well.


10) share one piece of advice that you would like to share with all people everywhere!  

Women your pleasure MATTERS!

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