Lady Brags Interview with Rachel Larraine

Lady Brags Interview with Rachel Larraine

Meet Rachel Larraine Crawford, holistic interior designer, tarot reader, and energy healer.

Rachel is a Design Mystic who creates sacred space through Holistic Interior Design and Feng Shui practices. The host of the design podcast Bewitching the Home, Rachel empowers her community to align their home spaces energetica-lly to their higher selves. She is the founder of the DESIGN COVEN, a membership mentorship program for aspiring Holistic Interior Designers.

After meeting Rachel online in 2021, we were immediately inspired and have followed her ever since. Our go-to Tarot Reader at Lady Suite, her intuitive abilities amaze us. In this interview, we talk about self-care, holistic spaces, and sexual wellness. We invite you to get to know Rachel Larraine with us!

1) Let's start out with a lady brag! Tell us the 3 things you love to brag about the most.

1. My partner in crime of 22 years, Tyson, he’s the biggest support and cheerleader in my life. Without him, I would not have been able to accomplish all the things I’m currently working on. He is the glue to our family, he’s the caregiver, our family historian, an adventure seeker, planner, and lover. He’s a party, he’s the funniest person I know, and I just adore him.

2. My podcast, Bewitching the Home, it’s given me so many cool experiences and has brought me to meet rad people doing rad stuff in the world.

3. My mentorship program for aspiring holistic interior designers; the DESIGN COVEN. I love giving back to the up-and-coming interior design community. It’s my passion to mentor and guide other designers as they navigate this field, creating a world of healing spaces.

2) Tell us what it means to be a holistic interior designer and how were you inspired to follow this path? 

It means I design spaces on a deeper level, I get to create beautiful spaces connected to wellness. I saw the connection of well designed spaces and how they were supporting those living in those spaces. I also understood how low vibrational spaces kept people from fulfilling their purpose. In my Introduction to Interior Design class back in 2001 my professor mentioned Feng Shui and once I had the opportunity to become certified in Feng Shui it led me to design under this new perspective of incorporating the mind, body and spirit alongside the traditional interior design principles. 

3) How would you define the concept of “holistic”? 

It’s designing space with the whole person and mother earth in mind. It’s not just about designing the physical look of a space but incorporating the mind, body, spirit of a person and the impact design has on the planet. We strive to design spaces that are eco-friendly and support mother earth. 

4) What is the first step toward creating a holistic space? 

I suggest getting quiet and making time to connect with the Intention of the room. What’s its purpose? I go into a whole exercise on how to connect with the space and find the intention of the room on my podcast Bewitching the Home episode 1. 

5) How are holistic spaces and self-care linked?

They both support the person as a whole. Supportive spaces and self-care relieve us from stress, anxiety, and depression. It brings wellness to our lives and elevates our vibration on a subconscious level. 

6) We know that you are a Mystic, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, Feng Shui Practitioner, and Energy Healer. How do all of these modalities intersect? 

They intersect and are interconnected through energy. I like to think of them as different languages and healing modalities. They are different ways of communicating with the energies of our bodies and spaces we occupy. 

7) Are there any daily practices you recommend that help people embrace sexual wellness and redefine what pleasure means to them?

Connecting with myself first and asking what feels good now sexually, this can change frequently for me. I find myself experiencing different sensations that I currently enjoy that I didn’t before. I go through phases of likes and dislikes which is totally cool. Connecting with my partner on a physical level is also huge for me, it helps me get out of my head and into the physical realm.

When I get into this space of pleasure it relieves so much tightness and makes me feel like I can accomplish anything which is what I need to accomplish my goals. Pleasure is connected to creativity and manifestation. You can not have one without the other, it is a necessary component to making things happen. 

8) With everything that is happening in the world it can be challenging to stay attuned to our mystical side and prioritize our mental health. How do you keep it all in balance?

I created rituals that I do on a daily basis so I have something steady that I can count on when everything else in the world feels like it’s falling apart. They keep me grounded, centered and in my body. I try to start my day with my morning coffee and mushroom powder (I love Mushroom Mocha by Fun Earth Co), a meditation and then a walk at the beach or at least around the neighborhood. I also love pulling a tarot or oracle card for the day to see what energies or themes my subconscious wants me to be aware of.  

9) We’ve experienced your tarot readings and we can attest to your incredible skills! Tell us what that part of your practice means to you. 

It keeps me in touch with my higher self and my intuition. And gives me confidence to trust myself. I use my intuition on every decision I make personally and in business. Reading cards is an exercise for strengthening this super power. 

10) What are your favorite business tips/words of wisdom for entrepreneurs? 

Trust in quantum physics, if there is a vision that you have for your business, know that there is a way to accomplish it. 

11) How can people work with you + learn more about your offerings? 


More about Rachel Larraine

With 17+ years experience in the field, Rachel aims to be the initiator of a spark that helps her clients and students feel liberated, open, and expansive. Since earning her Associate's Degree and Certificate in Interior Design in 2005 and being certified in Classical Flying Stars Feng Shui through the International School of Feng Shui, she has created and collaborated on a multitude of award-winning residential and commercial spaces, including the Realm of the 52 Remedies (with Onairos Design). Lear more at

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