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meet milah, co-founder of the good moms bad choices podcast

In her words, "Good Moms' mission is to create a platform where other women and mothers feel less alone or less guilty experiencing the highs and lows of life and growth. We often ‘overshare’ to let others know, simply that they aren’t alone. That being human is ok, that being sexual is ok and that you don’t have to completely lose who you once were before parenthood to be a ‘Good Mom.’”

In this interview, we dive in with Milah on all things womanhood, motherhood, and entrepreneurship. Get to know lady boss, Milah with us!

let's start with a lady brag!

1. Tell us the 3 things you love to brag about the most: 

1. My exceptional dance moves 

2. My amazing daughter Luna

3. The way I truly love people and am willing to be open enough to always meet and exchange with strangers.

2. We loved learning about your work as an aesthetician, podcast host, and mother. Tell us your favorite parts of these roles and the biggest challenges. 

My favorite part of all of these roles is that I’m constantly getting to exchange energy with amazing women. Whether it be my clients receiving services, a fellow Mom at the park or all the amazing women I’ve had the opportunity to interview on the podcast. I’m getting the opportunity to get to know women from all walks of life with all types of experiences and be able to exchange experiences with them. It's rewarding.

I think the challenge in wearing all of these hats is understanding that all things have a downside. Shit being a Mom is the greatest thing I’ve done to date but also the biggest challenge. I believe all good things have challenges. If there is no room for growth, I don’t want it. I’m constantly seeking ways to be better and in wearing many hats I’ve had the opportunity to fine-tune my ability to multitask and really focus on how I can better manage my energy and place it where it is most important. I am still at a strong “C” at figuring it all out lol but I am grateful to know that I’m a work in progress.

3. As an aesthetician tell us what you see as the key to healthy, happy skin.

Honestly, I feel that a lot of times healthy happy skin begins with your diet. Simply being kind enough to your body to put good things inside of it. Good energy & good food and of course lots and lots of water. Also, having a dedicated skin routine, I take an herb every day called “Neem” that aides in internal cleansing, which helps regulate my breakouts (and has also been historically used as a form of birth control) but of course, everyone’s different. Water & a healthy diet is universal for all skin types.

4. Tell us how your life experience intersects with the creation of Good Moms Bad Choices.

Good Moms Bad Choices is a culmination of life experiences. It was literally birthed from stories from both Erica and I. Stories that have taught us lessons and/or equaled great experiences. 

5. What is the mission behind Good Moms Bad Choices?

Good Moms mission is to create a platform where other women and mothers feel less alone or less guilty experiencing the highs and lows of life and growth. We often ‘overshare’ to let others know, simply that they aren’t alone. That being human is ok, that being sexual is ok and that you don’t have to completely lose who you once were before parenthood to be a ‘Good Mom. Good Moms is a community of like-minded women having a safe space to be vulnerable, be real, and be themselves, judgment-free. Our mission ultimately is to aide in liberating women and Mothers who feel the pressures of society to suddenly transform into some picture-perfect version on Betty Crocker once they hit a certain age or have a baby.

6. What does “wellness” mean to you now? And how is this different from the way you thought of wellness in the past?  

I appreciate this question!!!

Had you asked me what wellness means to me in the past I would have easily answered a beachside vacation or a spa visit. Now I can find wellness more in my day to day simply by declining an invite that I don’t really feel motivated to attend. Whereas, before I may have felt guilty.

Wellness is the practice of listening to my inner self and gut feelings more. Wellness lately has been giving myself permission to take up space and permission to be alone and listen…. A morning hike alone or a 15-minute self-lead yoga session is my wellness sh*t right!

7. What products are in your bag/purse right now that you can’t live without?

Well, Ladysuite vulva oil and cleanser are definitely in my bag, a beauty blender, some probiotics, and a sativa hybrid cannabis vape pen are also in there. (Confession, I’m a bag lady lol)

8.  We know you enjoy relaxing via smoking weed. What do you appreciate the most about it?

I appreciate that it aides in slowing me down a bit, naturally I am a busy chick. My mind moves quickly, and I find it hard to focus on one thing at a time. I also get anxiety from time to time because of the overload of information my brain is attempting to process at once.  Weed helps me focus on one thing at a time, helps me become more creative in my work and get shit done. Weed also helps me relax and take in the present moments more especially with my daughter, weed helps me become more laid back and in tune with my inner child. I'm able to play Barbies and indulge in Luna's imagination more with her when I’ve smoked a little cannabis. Life is hard and life is stressful as an adult and sometimes weed helps me remember “evrything is  going to be ok”. 

9.  Are you a CBD fan too? Or do you think THC is better?

I haven’t really experimented much with CBD, mostly in body products creams and bath bombs. I actually genuinely enjoy smoking the flower so I haven’t been as compelled to try it. However, I know for my friends that don't enjoy the high feeling that CBD is there go to and helps them tremendously.

10. We know you use the Lady Suite, thank you!!! Do you think about your vulva differently after using our products? Do tell!

Yes! For sure! I actually feel like Lady Suite has helped me tremendously, with dark spots and ingrowns. I really like it as a shaving cream alternative.

11. What advice do you want to give to all women everywhere?

Live your life the way you wish to! Don’t allow any outside opinions dictate who you are or dim your light! Life is meant to be lived and when you let others interfere with your purpose ultimately it can take you off the path you're intended to be on.  Live in your passion and live in your purpose.  You are far more powerful than you think. 

Thank you Milah!! 

Check out the Good Moms Bad Choices website HERE! 

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  • First of all your dance moves are legit Milah! This is such a great article, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    Kimberly Valentine on

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