Lady Brag Interview: The woman behind Dipsea

Lady Brag Interview: The woman behind Dipsea

meet gina gutierrez, dipsea co-founder and ceo

Dipsea is an app for short, sexy audio stories that ignite your imagination and empower you to tap into your sexuality on your terms. Before Dipsea, Gina was a brand & design strategist who was always interested in the psychology of sexuality.

In this interview, we explore Gina's journey of entrepreneurship and how this unique App is helping women become attuned to their sexual selves. Get to know lady boss, Gina Gutierrez with us!

let's start with a lady brag!

1. Tell us the 3 things you love to brag about the most: 

1. How often we get to hear that Dipsea has improved people’s relationships, sex lives, and their connection to themselves!

2. That Dipsea is a place that people love to work

3. This piece in The New Yorker. The writer, Sarah Larson, really got what we’re trying to do

2. Tell us about the mission behind Dipsea. 

Dipsea empowers you to tap into your sexuality more accessibly, and on your terms. We’re re-imagining sexuality as mind-first vs. body-first, and helping people spark their own erotic imaginations.

3. How did you decide on the brand name?

“Dipsea” felt like a fun shorthand for diving underwater into a sea of stories that totally immerses you. It’s also a cheeky ode to the Bay Area, which is where Faye and I met. There’s a trail called the Dipsea that rings the coastline.

4. What inspired you to begin this unique journey into creating elevated, feminist erotic stories?

My co-founder Faye and I were fascinated by the idea that sexuality is as psychological as it is physical, but that there was so little erotic inspiration out there that felt “made for us”. When we talked to friends, someone told us they had a sexy chapter still dogeared in their nightstand from the 12th grade. I thought it was so interesting that women who are interested and curious and explorative couldn’t find what they were looking for.

5. We love that you are huge advocates of women becoming attuned to their sexual selves! Tell us what you have discovered about the power of sexuality for yourself and for other women during this time.

Feeling yourself as a sexual, sensual, attractive, emotionally and physically attuned person, is an incredibly empowering feeling.

Women aren’t given a lot of avenues to own and access their sexuality, and it’s clear why. Our sexuality is the root of a lot of self confidence and power that the world hasn’t wanted to give us. It’s amazing being part of that change.

6. What is the one thing that has surprised you the most about creating Dipsea!

People’s content preferences are pretty diverse: think about how different my Netflix recommendations probably look from yours. Then when you add sexual preferences and interests into the mix, the diversity of what we all like becomes pretty mind blowing.

It’s a constant creative challenge for our team to make content that as many people as possible will enjoy, to always be building the edges of our library, and to recommend the right stories to our listeners.

7. What are some words of wisdom/advice to women who are entrepreneurs or want to follow a path of entrepreneurship?

As a founder, you’ll project a lot of confidence, communicate persuasively, have to have quick answers ready. You’ll become the expert on your space and your business. But on the other hand — especially as a first-time founder — you’re doing almost everything for the first time. You definitely don’t have all the answers. I think it’s important to learn to accept and navigate those two truths, and the gray area that leaves you in a lot of the time.

8. Who are some lady bosses you admire?

I have major creative crushes on Phoebe Waller Bridge and Sally Rooney right now. They’re both writing new rules for how to capture the interior lives of women with a frank and relatable freshness. We’re not worthy!

9. What do you think is cool right now? This can be anything from products, to new websites to new innovations, etc.

I think female illustrators finding their audiences on IG are so majorly inspiring. Women like Bijou Karman, Aurélia Durand, Sarah Maxwell.

I’m really into breathwork and Kirtan as other paths into a meditative space. They’re ancient practices, but it feels like they’re having an urban revival and I’m grateful for it.

10. What message of empowerment do you want to give to all women everywhere? 

You are enough. You are not too much. You deserve to take up space. Your needs are valid, and your gut is probably telling you exactly what those are if you just stop and listen. You have the power to make waves.

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