Lady Brag Interview: Mia Davis the woman behind tabú

Lady Brag Interview: Mia Davis the woman behind tabú

meet mia davis...

the incredible founder + CEO of tabú- a trusted resource that’s changing the way we talk about sexuality + mental health. They take the shame out of all things “taboo” and offer tools to help us take control of our mind, body, pleasure, and relationships. Yes, please! Get to know this amazing woman with us. 

let's start out with a lady brag! tell us the 3 things you love to brag about the most?

1. My exquisite taste in ice cream - years of practice.
2. How hilarious and wonderful my mom is (and endlessly patient, I mean wow).
3. Everyone who works with tabú and the sexual wellness community at large. I am constantly in awe of the talent, intellect, and creativity of our content creators as well as my peers in this space.

we’ve been big fans of tabú for a couple years now. tell us why you created it + the mission! 

Thank you! The adoration is mutual. I was inspired to start tabú when I realized as an adult that my abstinence-based sex ed growing up left me pretty clueless and with a lot of shame I needed to get over (work through, I should say). After experiencing sexual trauma and pelvic pain, I wanted to do everything in my power to make sure others going through similar experiences had better resources and wouldn’t feel so alone. tabú is meant to be your sidekick as you navigate sex and mental health - whether you’re experiencing a problem or want to experience more pleasure!

what is tabús most popular topic/what do women want to know the most?

Our most popular topic hands down is anal sex, followed by clitoral sensitivity. 

has tabú changed any of your own misconceptions? 

Yes, beyond! I grew up with pretty conservative values and although I have always been open-minded and curious, I inherited a lot of shame and guilt regarding sexual desire. I have learned so much about embracing my sexuality and now I say (or think) ‘vulva’ nearly every day!

has has your journey improved your sex life and how?

Totally. tabú in many ways was built to heal and help my younger self. The benefit of continuing to evolve with the business is that it continues to challenge me and opens my mind to the endless topics under the ‘sexual wellness’ umbrella. I am a lot more knowledgeable about how my body works and I’ve found that to be incredibly empowering (especially as it relates to my period, which I have always struggled with). I have also learned how to communicate and speak up for myself in ways I didn’t when I was younger. It’s an ongoing journey, but I’m experiencing much less frequent painful sex and enjoying lots of pleasure.

name one thing that desperately need to be taught in Sex Ed. 

Boundaries. I think if young people learned how to establish, communicate, and respect boundaries, it would make a world of difference not only in reducing sexual assault, but also in fostering better relationships (romantic, platonic, and familial). Knowing what you don’t like/want and being clear about is also empowering and leads to more pleasure, general life satisfaction, and less wasted time.

Also, sex is about way more than just making a baby and more often than not, people are having sex to have a good time. You deserve pleasure and there’s so much you can do to experience it (alone or with a partner!). Respect your partner, know your worth, and have fun!


have you experienced unconditional support from family/mom along the way?

Unconditional… I mean… not exactly. My family has definitely come around a lot since I first started tabú. My grandma actually follows us on Instagram; she gets it and I love that! My mom has been super supportive of me since day one, even though she desperately wanted me to resume my job at Salesforce as a UX Designer. My siblings have also been cheering me on, especially my sister. I think the struggle for my family is not only did I leave a “stable” career, but I also decided that of all the businesses in the world, mine would focus on sex. Their lack of encouragement was hurtful at first, but if there were no taboos, there would be... no tabú.

what is the one toy (I know there are so many good ones) that I'm missing out on?

Many people swear by  The Womanizer for its clitoral suction technology. I think it’s powerful and feels truly amazing, but I’ll be honest; the primary toy I use is the first vibrator I ever bought and I don’t even know what it’s called! 


do you watch porn? why or why not?

I do watch porn on occasion. Recently, I’ve started exploring the world of audio erotica and also leaning on my own imagination. I don’t think watching porn is anything to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. In fact, it can even give you some ideas for how you want to explore with a partner. 

That being said, it is important to understand the distinction between entertainment for arousal and education; just because you see something in porn doesn’t mean it’s what you should expect from a partner (especially without any communication, boundary setting, or practice).  We also recently published content about ethical porn and I think it’s important to be mindful about consuming content from production studios and companies that prioritize the safety of the performers. 

what’s your vulva care routine look like! 

Great question! I recently started using Lady Suite’s Glow Refiner and Botanical Oil. I’ve been admiring the gorgeous packaging of your oil for years on Instagram and I’m so beyond thrilled to finally be using it. It feels luxurious and is a great addition to my bathroom shelf. I also recently started using Momotaro’s Salve and I love how it feels. 

what are your desert island-level product favs?

Hmmm that’s a great question! I wonder what products I would care about if I were stranded on a desert island. If I have an unlimited supply… I’m thinking face wash (currently using Acure’s Resurfacing Glycolic & Unicorn Root Cleanser), moisturizer (Blume’s Whirl), SPF of course (Supergoop), Momotaro’s Salve because who knows what’s going on with all that sand and water getting in places it shouldn’t be, and probably hair conditioner (Briogeo’s Don’t Despair, Repair!). Oh, I would also have to bring my contacts and probably contact solution. A vibrator (with some way of charging it) would also be ideal. Oh, and definitely some deodorant! Even if I’m alone… I would like to
not want to run away from myself at all times.
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