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happy bday to the moon child of the zodiac 🌙

Cancers are queens of empathy and have a special nurturing ability. True, they often use this power on other people but self-nurturing is the thing this season. With Saturn still in retrograde asking us to get out of our own way and Jupiter the success planet in visionary Pisces there is plenty of luck to go around!

But fortune favors the GOLD right now.

gold = goals and dreams soaked in feel-good creativity, authenticity and passion.

Below are some tips on getting into the gold this season. 

Aries: Connect to your body or to nature. Slow down to have a sensory experience.

Taurus: Do something daring or get your hands dirty on a project. A shock to the system will feel good.

Gemini: Find a virtual or in person meditation class and give yourself a 30-day challenge. #lifechanging

Cancer: Happy bday to our remarkable cancer queens. Take the world by storm but leave time for self care too. Try some EFT tapping to recharge and then manifest away!

Leo: Write your life story preferable on paper (gasp). It's time to understand yourself more and you might LOVE doing it too.

Virgo: Try a sound bath or listen to some jazz. It's time to let go and get lost in a moment.

Libra: Laughter is the best medicine. Watch a comedy, chill with your funniest friend. Bask in joy and recharge!

Scorpio: Share a secret or an important experience. Let the people around you in closer and feel the love.

Sagittarius: Pause and rethink. It might be time to pivot on your 2021 plans. Take daily walks to get a fresh perspective.

Capricorn: Plan a self-care celebration for yourself. You uplift so many lives and bless the world with your talents. Give back to you!

Aquarius: Meditation orgasms, anyone? Yes please. Enjoy your body...slowly, madly, completely.

Pisces: Manifestation tip: write yourself a letter from the perspective of success. Thank yourself for all your work. Then keep the letter somewhere where you will see it every day. #manifesting


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