January Ladyscopes - Capricorn Season

January Ladyscopes - Capricorn Season

Hey Capricorn ladies, we have not forgotten about you 🔮💎💖

happy birthday cap queens!!

Now that 2021 is in full swing, Venus is in grounded Capricorn, and Mars has gone into steady Taurus it's time turn towards the betterment of our future. But as Capricorn innately knows this future will not create itself. We need to dream it, work for it, and make sure that our creations are a force for good. Cuz this world needs a makeover and it's up to us to give it a total glow-up and cash-in on some wins for ourselves at the same time! 💵💵💵

FYI: it's not all about upgrading quite yet. 2020 + beyond has left us with a lot of unpacking to do. This will be highlighted by the upcoming Capricorn New Moon. It's time to look at what we're REALLY contributing to our lives and learn to manifest with more integrity, self-awareness, and responsibility. If this sounds like too much work don't worry!! It'll be worth every evolutionary effort. As Beyonce reminds us: “Power means happiness; power means hard work and sacrifice.” 

check out some tips for better manifesting:


Aries - Your passions can get you paid! Use them to create the radiant life you want.

Taurus - Banish BS. Know your worth and you WILL attract more of all you want in your life.

Gemini - Make those money moves and but keep your brilliant ideas to yourself!

Cancer - It's time to level up your mindset. Be ambitious but patient, be bold but kind and never give up.

Leo - Just a reminder that being grateful makes you gorgeous. Glow from the inside out.

Virgo - Find your inner diva. Do something out of your comfort zone and be unbothered by the haters.

Libra - All you need is WiFi, a dream and renewed self-esteem. Get busy manifesting.

Scorpio - Choose to be a badass b*tch on the daily cuz you are one, you just have to remember it!

Sagittarius - Stay creative. Life is fun, free, and exciting, especially when you decide to make it that way.

Capricorn - A win for yourself alone is boring. Cultivating a culture of winners is fun. Do all you do for the greater good.

Aquarius - As Cardi B. says: “remain humble but stay hungry.” Your best life has only just begun.

Pisces - Shrug off fear cuz your desire to win, your passion + your fierce talents will have you drippin' in jewels.
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