Get (really) ready for the New Year!

Get (really) ready for the New Year!

the new year has different meanings for different people…

Regardless of what it means to you, it’s an important time to check in with yourself and set goals ahead of the new year. It’s also a perfect time to write yourself a love letter. Yes, we meant an actual love letter! But first, reflection is key.

There isn’t a golden answer that tells us exactly how we can best prepare for the new year, but we found some solid advice on how to find healthy closure to the current one.

Resolutions? Sure, we’ll just call them goals. Grab a pen and paper and let’s do this!

#1: acknowledge the obstacles thrown at you this year, take note of the lessons learned

The struggle is real, but healing alone is worthy of celebration.

Remember when we told you that character is not defined in easy times, but hard ones? Well, maybe 2019 or the whole damn decade was a challenge for you. But you made it out. Stronger than ever. All of this future ahead of you. And now it’s time to reflect.

STEP 1: Write down the challenges and setbacks thrown at you this year or decade. Whether you had control over them or not, even your struggles are worthy of note.

STEP 2: Ask yourself the following:

°What did you learn?
°How did you surprise yourself when dealing with the struggle and/or setback?
°How did you overcome it? If you haven’t, how can you in the new year?
°How can you advise and help someone from what you’ve been through?

You’re now wiser from these experiences. Make this a year of putting those lessons into practice.

#2: check in with the mind and body

The end of a year is a good time to take note of your current state of mind and start listening to what your brain and body are telling you.

STEP 1: Answer yourself the following

°What creates stress in your life?
°What makes you uncomfortable, anxious, unhappy? If those adjectives don’t fit, add your own.
°What drains you?
°What impacts your energy?

Now once the hard part is done, ask yourself:

°What do you have the power to change?
°If you aren’t able to remove stressors from your life, how can you be more kind to yourself before, during, and after dealing with them?

Now balance out the list with things that lift your spirit and energize you. If you can’t remove stressors from your life, you can still balance them out with things that bring you joy.


#3: take a moment to tell yourself you’re proud

Now it’s time to take note of all your accomplishments.

After listing them out, take an effing moment to tell yourself that you’re proud of you. You did amazing this year!

You now have more experience, knowledge, and with that comes resilience.

Write yourself your love letter and forgive yourself for being human, because you deserve it. Now, go take on the new year babe!

a note from the lady suite team:

As most of our readers are women, we just want to say this: women give a lot. We work, we nurture, we feel. We do so much and sometimes it’s hard to stop feeling everything and looking after everyone. This is the year to be kind to yourself, and you get to define what that means. Keep your fire aflame by taking care of yourself, taking time for yourself, and being kind to yourself. We’re here for you xoxo

Note: these tips have not been medically approved. They’re simple lifestyle tips from our internal Lady Suite team. Please advise with a medical professional for any mental health concerns you have or are going through.

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