February Ladyscopes - Aquarius Season

February Ladyscopes - Aquarius Season

Happy bday Aquarius babes...what's your heart saying this February? Listen carefully! It's time to learn your love language.⁣🔮💎💖

happy birthday aquarius babes!!

Venus is in Aquarius and we're digging the lively vibe. 💖Venus is the planet of love (and lady parts) but it's also the planet of attraction and repulsion AKA what we call into our lives and what we banish! That push/pull applies to our friends, lovers, partners, and also our own personal needs + values. Aquarius innately gives a damn about the people around them and they're at their best when this caring extends to the whole collective. Turns out we can all take a page from this book.📖⁣

💎 Do: Hold an intention to open your hearts and let others in⁣
💎 Don't: Get stick in tunnel vision and self-protection⁣

So how can we let this intention bloom and infuse our world with more love? We have to start with our own personal love language. When we learn the art of self-love everything else gets easier. Life can be sexy! creative! intimate! abundant! It all starts here...⁣

check out some tips for better self-love:

- Even fire needs to rest. Sleep, meditate + fall in love with you.

Taurus - Have an unusual sensory experience. Touch. Taste. Listen. Laugh. Enjoy life.

Gemini - Your time alone is gold. Learn to value it more than money itself.

Cancer - Spill the tea on your secret fears. Get them out and leave them out.

Leo - Embark on a creative project that no one will ever see. Do it for you.

Virgo - Electrify your life with pleasure- no pain! Redefine pleasure = Redefine you

Libra - Use your triggers as a window to your inner world. Clear them out and make room for more love + abundance.

Scorpio - Daydreaming is your friend. You are recreating your reality with every uplifting thought. 

Sagittarius - Feel good knowing deep connection is just around the corner. Trust the process.

Capricorn - You're incredible + unique separate from your productivity and $$. Remind yourself daily.

Aquarius - Work on appreciating all experiences both good and bad. Your power will only grow.

Pisces - Create a relationship with the present moment. Get passionate + excited about all you are + all you do.
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