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we talked to vulvas everywhere, and guess what? they don’t want anymore distance between you and them.


ok, not really.


But, it’s no secret that vulvas take a backseat to the TLC we give to our faces. So while you’re in quarantine, maybe now’s the time to focus more on vulva wellness, so you’re more connected to your womanhood and whole body health and happiness.

our vulva exploration DOs

Warning, side effects include increased education, sensual pleasure, and delight.  


do know terminology:

Contrary to popular belief, the vulva is not the vagina – i.e. where babies come out of. The vulva is the entire lady garden - the external lady parts that protect the vagina.

do look:

Mirror, mirror in my hand, who has a one-of-a-kind vulva in all the land? Yep, you do. Every vulva is unique and beautiful. So, get to it. Grab a mirror and check her out! The more you see it, the more comfortable you’ll be about it. 

do touch:

Don’t be afraid to touch your vulva, especially the pleasure spot – the clitoris. Plus, masturbation is a healthy way to learn about your body. Bonus: orgasms release endorphins, the feel-good chemicals that lower stress levels.

do moisturize:

Vulva skin dryness can worsen ingrowns, razor bumps and increase discomfort. Try our vulva-friendly Rejuvenating Botanical Oil designed to nourish intimate skin while it soothes, smooths and softens.






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