7 Must-try Bedroom Positions

7 Must-try Bedroom Positions

If you’ve reached this page, you’re probably looking to expand your sexual horizons. If that’s the case, you’re in luck! Experimenting with new sex positions is a fantastic way to spice things up in the bedroom. And with so many positions out there to try, you’re bound to find some to add to your sexual repertoire. So whether you’re planning your sexual bucket list or want to find your next favorite position, keep reading as we explore 7 of the best sex positions.

1. The Amazon

If you’re looking to add a little more leverage and dominance to missionary or cowgirl, then the amazon could be your next go-to move. This position involves the receiving partner squatting onto the penetrating partner. The penetrating partner should lie on their back with their legs pulled up toward their chest. Visually, it looks a lot like the cowgirl position, except the penetrating partner has their legs up, with their penis or dildo sticking out from between their thighs. 

This position can be a challenging one, especially for first-timers. So don’t get discouraged and have fun trying it out again and again. This move is also great for swapping the power dynamic within a sexual relationship. The amazon lets the receiving partner gain more control over the speed and rhythm of sex. 

2. The Wall

This next move is a popular one in many movies. The Wall involves the penetrating partner lifting the receiving partner by the thighs and pressing them up against a wall. The receiving partner can wrap their arms and legs around the penetrating partner to help hold themselves up. Between the force of the wall and the penetrating partner’s hold, the receiving partner keeps their back up against the wall. 

For those who love deep penetration, this position is a great one. Plus, gravity is on your side. Since the receiving partner is being held up, the penetrating partner has full control over the intensity of sex. This move is perfect for some spicy spontaneity, and can also be used as a great transition position when moving around the bedroom. 

3. The Chairman 

To successfully complete the chairman, the penetrating partner sits on the edge of a bed or table. Then, the receiving partner sits on their lap, facing away from the penetrating partner. With their feet touching the floor, the receiving partner bounces up and down, controlling the speed and intensity of sex. The move can also be completed with the receiving partner’s legs propped up onto the bed for support. 

The chairman is a great position for reaching the G-spot. It’s also an ideal move for the receiving partner who wants to be able to set the pace and intensity of sex. This position also leaves both partners’ hands free to touch, caress, and explore each other’s bodies. As an added perk, this move can be done just about anywhere so long as there’s a place to sit that can support the weight of two people. 

4. Elevated Missionary 

Here’s a twist on the classic missionary position. This position calls for the receiving partner to wedge a pillow underneath their butt to slightly raise their pelvis up. If the penetrating partner wants to stand, the receiving partner can scoot themselves and the pillow up against the edge of the bed. 

Not only is this position a beginner-friendly one, but it’s also a multi-functional move. Since the pelvis of the receiving partner is tilted up with elevated missionary, the penetrating partner has easier access to the G-spot. So whether you want to make this move the main event or use it as a fun transition between positions, it’s a simple and pleasurable move to add to your sexual roster. 

5. The G-Whiz

The g-whiz move is a must-try for those who want extra leverage and control from sex positions. To complete this move, the penetrating partner kneels, while the receiving partner lies on their back and props their legs over the penetrating partner’s shoulders. The receiving partner’s pelvis should be resting on the penetrating partner’s lap. 

Why is this move so great? When the receiving partner raises their legs over the penetrating partner’s shoulders, the vagina gets more narrow and the angle allows for better stimulation of the G-spot. This position also isn’t too physically taxing for either partner. As the receiving partner lies on their back, the penetrating partner can move up and down on their knees to control the rhythm of sex. 

6. The Butter Churner 

This position is sure to add some novelty and spice to your sex life. To successfully perform the butter churner, the receiving partner needs to lie on their back with their legs folded up and back over their head. If the receiving partner is in the right position, their butt should be sticking up into the air. Meanwhile, the penetrating partner squats down to penetrate the receiving partner. 

Aside from deep penetration, this position is also great for increasing pleasure for the receiving partner. Since their legs would be stretched up over their head, the extra rush of blood can add a new level of pleasure to sex and orgasm. 

7. The Spider 

For those who love sitting sex positions, the spider could be your new favorite move. In this position, both the receiving and penetrating partners sit down facing each other. The penetrating partner sits up and leans their weight against their hands, as the receiving partner lies down with their legs overtop of the penetrating partner’s legs. 

This move is great for increasing intimacy during sex. From this viewpoint, both partners can look into each other’s eyes and have some control over the speed and intensity of sex. Since both partners are sitting or laying down, this move also allows both partners to access each other’s bodies during sex. 

There’s a wide world of sex positions out there to try, and the good news is that you’re likely to never run out of new and surprising moves to experiment with. We hope you have a fun and pleasurable time finding your new favorite sex position. 


This article was written by Giselle Hernandez. She is a freelance sexual health and wellness copywriter with six years of experience writing blogs, website content, social media captions, digital ads, product descriptions, and collateral materials for clients. Check out her website to learn more about her work.


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