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Anyone who likes to rock a bikini bottom in the heat of summer knows the struggle. Chafing thighs, razor burn, and ingrown hairs can get in the way of living your best summertime life. Luckily, there are tons of ways you can prep your bikini line for the summer. Stick around to learn about some of the best tips for a summer-ready bikini line that’ll help you spend less time treating irritation and more time relaxing on the beach.  

What Does ”Summer-ready” Mean to You?

Before we jump into summertime prep for intimate skin, let’s talk about the harmful stereotype of the “beach body.” Do you have a body? Does that body want to go to the beach? Then, congratulations! You officially have a beach body. We know that the ultra-thin beauty standard isn’t easy to ignore and that the journey to loving your body can be a long one. But if you’ve been waiting for a sign to break out that bikini or pair of shorts you’ve been dying to wear, consider this your sign.

Being “summer-ready” is all about feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin. Whether you want to rock the teeniest bikini or get decked out from head to toe, you’re worthy of a fun, free summer as you are right now. Regarding comfort, being summer-ready also means caring for your body—especially your intimate skin—during the intense summertime heat. 

Why Prep for the Summer?

From razor burns and ingrown hairs to sunburns and chafing, the moisture and heat of summer can wreak havoc on un-prepared intimate skin. Let’s walk through some of the ways you can protect your skin this summer. 

How To Prep Intimate Skin for the Summer

1. Cleanse 

There’s nothing like the first swim of summer. But after a while in the water, you may notice discomfort and irritation on your bikini line. Why is that? When swimming in the ocean or a chlorinated pool, the chemicals and bacteria can irritate intimate skin. Specifically, moisture absorbed by your swimsuit can create the perfect environment for a UTI to develop. If you’re freshly waxed, these chemicals can also cause a ton of irritation on your raw, sensitive bikini line. Not to mention that being active in the summertime heat can cause sweat and bacteria to accumulate on your bikini line, vulva, and pubic hair. 

That’s why it’s so important to establish a regular cleaning routine specifically tailored for the summertime weather. A great rule of thumb is to rinse your bikini line with clean water or your preferred gentle cleanser as soon as you’re out of the water. Don’t linger in a wet bathing suit for too long, and change into fresh, dry underwear as soon as you can. 

2. Exfoliate

Shaving, waxing, and sunbathing, oh my! Your intimate skin goes through a lot in the summer whether you remove bikini line hair or not. A consistent exfoliation routine during the summer can make or break your seasonal skin woes. Exfoliation can reduce the amount of bumps and irritation that forms on your bikini line by lessening the hair and dead skin that gets trapped in your pores. For those who choose to keep their pubes nice and full for the summer, exfoliation can also help keep your skin smooth and silky as you swim and sweat.

But what does an exfoliation routine look like? If you use a physical scrub, use it in the shower and allow the steam to open up your pores. This will allow the scrub to be extra effective at removing dead skin and unclogging pores. If you feel like we do and find physical scrubs are too harsh for your intimate skin, you can use an exfoliating spray. Just soak a cotton round with your exfoliator and gently apply it to your intimate skin. Remember to follow up your routine with your preferred moisturizer to soothe your newly polished skin. Speaking of silky smooth skin, Lady Suite’s Glow Refiner Exfoliating Spray is a gentle yet effective solution for stubborn ingrown hairs, dark spots, and razor bumps. 

3. Moisturize

Keeping your intimate skin moisturized during the summer is a can’t-miss step to a smooth, healthy bikini line. Why? Not only does moisturizer help soothe irritated skin, but it also helps ward off razor bumps. That’s because moisturized skin is smoother and provides an easier surface for razors to glide over. Plus, moisturizing can help reduce irritation from existing bumps too. By hydrating your skin, moisturizer can help soothe the itching and discomfort caused by razor burn and bumps. 

Consistent moisturizing is important for keeping your bikini line healthy during the summer. To survive the irritation caused by shaving, waxing, water chemicals, and sun exposure, it’s critical to keep your skin happy and hydrated. A gentle moisturizer applied

to the bikini line daily and after each round of shaving or waxing can make a huge difference in the health of your intimate skin. 

4. Use SPF

Just like the rest of your skin, your bikini line needs sun protection too. Without proper protection, your sensitive intimate skin could become irritated or burned. This area undergoes a ton of movement while walking, swimming, and running. For those who want to have an active summer, the last thing you’ll want is to feel the itch and irritation of a bikini line sunburn with every step. Plus, a sunburn in this area can put a temporary halt on any intimate hair removal plans you may have. What’s the solution? As you apply sunscreen to the rest of your body, you should also apply it to your bikini line. Remember to use a broad-spectrum formula with at least SPF30 to ensure your sensitive skin is covered and protected. If you’re planning to be in the water, make sure the formula you use is waterproof. It’s also key to reapply your sunscreen about every two hours to keep yourself covered around the clock. 

5. Soothe

After you’ve cleansed, exfoliated, moisturized, and used SPF, it’s important to find products that help soothe stubbornly irritated skin. Whether you use some aloe vera gel or a cooling pad to calm irritated skin, try out a few options to find your secret weapon for fighting aggravated skin. Think of using a soothing product like the cherry on top of your summertime intimate skincare routine. 

If you’re looking for relief from sunburned, reactive, or irritated intimate skin, Lady Suite’s Rejuvenating Botanical Oil pampers your skin with an Omega-rich formula to soothe irritated bikini lines and vulvas. Just apply 1-2 drops every morning or afternoon to take your down there care to the next level. 

Summer throws a lot of curveballs at your lady bits. That’s why standing firm in your go-to intimate skincare routine is so important. No matter what your ideal routine looks like, we hope it’ll help you enjoy more of the fun sand, surf, and sun that summer has to offer. 


This article was written by Giselle Hernandez. She is a freelance sexual health and wellness copywriter with six years of experience writing blogs, website content, social media captions, digital ads, product descriptions, and collateral materials for clients. Check out her website to learn more about her work.


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