Ladyscopes: May 2019

Ladyscopes: May 2019

It’s time to get down (to earth) with Taurus energy. 

Ruled by sensual Venus, Taurus is really big on the five senses. Think good food, comfort, luxury, intimacy and self-care. The Taurean need for comfort also extends to the need for financial stability. So when it comes to the New Moon on May 4th you will pretty much have your mind on your money & your money on your mind. On May 15th Venus joins the Sun in Taurus doubling down on the desire for resources.

But what is REALLY behind the Taurus need for cold hard cash? Is it more about manifesting aspirations? That’s right! Venus/Taurus energy is about values and turning dreams into reality.

Think of May as a moment to figure out what you NEED while feeling grounded + attuned to your own life. So just chill. Lean in to the slow steady nature of Taurus. And remember, although livin' lavish is nice, it is inner stability that no one can take away.

ARIES: Slow + steady is not your happy place but try to keep your fire in check!
You have the capacity to execute meticulous work with a little focused energy.

TAURUS: Happy B-Day Taurus!! It's time to bring awareness to your inner + outer
need for pleasure and stability. The result? Blissful satisfaction. Yaaaas!

GEMINI: Air needs a lil earth sometimes. Work on your inner world. Resist the
impulse to blab about personal discoveries until you are SOLIDLY on new ground.

CANCER: Get ready for newness. New friend groups, new opportunities, new dreams that arise within. Don't get hung up on the past and savor the sweet flavor.

LEO: Pare down your goals and focus on follow through. Big dreams are executed
with a thousand tiny steps. Enjoy the little wins and you'll get your payoff!

VIRGO: You love to be of service but easily forget to serve yourself. Get extra rest,
indulge in self-care & listen to your intuition to make WAY smarter decisions.

LIBRA: Catching yourself in deep contemplation? Slow down long enough to listen to your thoughts. You'll need to get present if you wanna manifest that paper.

SCORPIO: Look around and see that all the players are in place. The relationships
you've wanted deep down are HERE in your inner circle. Now relish in the realization!

SAGITTARIUS: How's that spring cleaning coming? Shake up your daily routine! start a new healthy habit + courageously work on "cleaning house" inside and out.

CAPRICORN: You are imaginative but you don't always lead with self-expression. Use the stable earth energy to open up to inventiveness + creativity yesterday!

AQUARIUS: You're a sucker for a wild adventure but you don't need to look further
than your life as it is right now. Ride with it, relax with it, just be in it!

PISCES: There has never been a challenge that stopped you from letting your ideas touch the ground. Allow the new moon energy to reset your mood. Timing is everything and your time is almost here.

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