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Lady Suite
game changer

I’m shaving again and it is irritating my skin! The exfoliating spray is a game-changer and the oil helps soothe and heal. It just makes me feel better giving the whole bikini area the TLC it deserves!

- Alexandria
Lady Suite

I use to get really bad ingrown hairs and scars after waxing but not anymore! After using all of the products I rarely get ingrowns and my scars are going away. All the lady suite feminine products have saved me.

Lady Suite

I've been using the cleanser and oil for almost a year and have loved them so much. Now Glow Refiner is helping get rid of lingering dark spots and it really works! All 3 feminine products will be a permanent part of my routine!

- VIOLET for complete care kit
Lady Suite

I've had the most horrible red bumps, irritation, and ingrown hairs. I've tried so many scrubs, serums, and lotions but none helped. The Glow Refiner has completely cleared it all up in a couple weeks!

- Lindsay for glow refiner
Lady Suite

I’m really enjoying the exfoliate and rejuvenate bundle. I’ve only been using for a couple of weeks, but my skin is softer and smoother. The products are gentle and smell amazing, although the scent is nice and subtle.

- TAMARA for exfoliate + rejuvenate bundle
Lady Suite

I have never experienced a feminine cleanser that is as gentle, effective, and soothing as Lady Suite's. Truly. This product is incomparable. I recommend it daily.

- D'Ana for the probiotic refreshing cleanser
Lady Suite
Ultimate in Intimate Comfort

I subscribed to the Complete Care Kit hoping it would resolve the itchiness, dryness, and ingrown hairs. After *literally* the first use, my issues began to resolve. I can't thank Lady Suite enough for this innovation in women's health.

- Joreen for complete care kit
Lady Suite
What a treat!

This oil was something that I didn't know I needed in my life. Once I started using it, I was shocked that any irritation, redness, anything- GONE. It is silky smooth and smells great.

- courtney for rejuvenating botanical oil